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Marco’s Avatar
Marco Jul 20, 2022 283 views

Is having a job during college normal?

I would need a source of income during college to pay for my education and I was wondering if it is normal/feasible to have jobs while in college.

Nakene’s Avatar
Nakene Jun 14, 2022 154 views

How long will my work shifts be when I do begin working?

As I have never worked before, I am unsure of how much time I would be utilizing for my hard work during the job

Casey’s Avatar
Casey Jun 13, 2022 167 views

How can I stand out amongst other applicants without much research experience?

I am a college junior majoring in psychology.

Aayush’s Avatar
Aayush Jun 05, 2022 291 views

How do I proceed in high school if I have an interest in Psychology?

What should I be doing in order to figure out if the field is really for me?

Paris’s Avatar
Paris Jun 05, 2022 129 views

What do I need to do to become a professional actress?

I am a Sophomore in High School, and I really enjoy letting out all of my emotions. So I believe that theater is a good choice for doing just that. Any tips?

Hezekiah’s Avatar
Hezekiah Jun 10, 2022 238 views

What was your biggest obstacle?

What was your biggest obstacle? What was your goal for this obstacle. How did you overcome this obstacle?

Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn Jun 09, 2022 172 views

Did you lose intrest after you finished studying for your career?

After all the years was your intrest in the beinging was it the same one?

Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn Jun 09, 2022 151 views

Would you rather just get your associates or would you just go to the big like a doctarl degree?

Would you go big with a doctorals degree in your career or would you just go little with an assocites degree?

Zainab’s Avatar
Zainab May 24, 2022 291 views

How to Ace your Certified Clinical Medical Assistant examination?

Tip and strategies

Aaliyah’s Avatar
Aaliyah May 04, 2022 417 views

What career options are there in the medical field that involve working directly with patients other than doctor.

I want to know what other options exist that will not take long after college

Griffin’s Avatar
Griffin Sep 10, 2021 389 views

What kind of grades do I need to have in order to get into become a Physician's Assistant?

#Physician-Assistant #PA #Medicine #physician #medical #healthcare #doctor

Carmen’s Avatar
Carmen May 29, 2022 283 views

Does working in the medical field take a lot of work?

I want to work in the medical field and I'm not sure if it takes a lot of work and time and stuff like that !

Subha’s Avatar
Subha May 29, 2022 500 views

What type of jobs can I get with a bachelor's degree in Psychology (BA)?

Im currently a college student who is a Psychology BA major. I don't really want to spend more time in school getting a master's.

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Nov 19, 2020 767 views

What are tips you have to study for finals?

#nursing #college

Ingrid’s Avatar
Ingrid Mar 01, 2022 285 views

What are the benefits of going to a small university vs. a large one?

Hi, recently I have been thinking more about college and I would like to know what type of college is better in this scenario. Currently, I am leaning more towards a job in the healthcare field so I am not sure if a small college would be beneficial compared to a larger college. I have also...