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mv0023 Jun 14, 2022 265 views

is major in business administration along with minor in some other sub same as Bachelors of business administration(bba)

i love filmmaking and i always wanted to start my own business.i havent chosen which one i want to choose as my career after highschool and i want to know if there is a chance i can learn both in college.if i take business as major and filmmaking as minor in a university will it have the same...

Qi’s Avatar
Qi Jun 17, 2022 355 views

I would like to ask if I can find a suitable internship opportunity.

I am studying business analysis. As I am an international student, I would like to ask if I can find a suitable internship opportunity. In which fields or companies that i can get such opportunities.

Jonovin’s Avatar
Jonovin May 12, 2016 655 views

What do I need to attend San Jose State University?

i have chosen to go to San Jose State to get my education. How can I achieve my dream? #college #career #career-counseling #college-admissions

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Nijuel May 09, 2022 303 views

how much does it cost to buy an entire apt building

i want to to get into realist in new yoyk city

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Anel Jun 12, 2022 283 views

How to choose right company to job shadow

I want to use my Gap year to volunteer/job shadow at a tech business before going to college. How do I know I chose the right one to shadow.

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Leviticus May 26, 2022 414 views

One career goal of mine is to work for a famous tech company like apple or samsung.

I think I could reach this goal within the next few years.

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Mei Wei Jan 16, 2018 551 views

If I were to join the military for tuition assistance as an Asian female going for a Pharmacy degree, which branch would be more suited for me?

I've been thinking about joining the military for tuition assistance, since my scholarship will expire after next year but my degree is 6yrs. I've heard a lot about the hurdles that women have to overcome in the military, primarily sexual harassment, and I wanted to know if I joined which would...

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Justin Jul 16, 2016 1157 views

Could I use crowdsourcing jobs on my resume?

I want to know if can use jobs I have done on Amazon mechanical Turk,, or in my resume. #career-counseling #job-application

Zoe’s Avatar
Zoe Sep 23, 2019 459 views

Which seasons of the year are the toughest at your job?

I know this job can be grueling no matter what I just wanted to know what can be the most grueling parts about it. Just for some more insight #career-counseling

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Ganavi May 10, 2016 1019 views

How do I become an IRS officer?

I've completed by 9th standard, I am asking this question to know more about my career.

[P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.] #government #military #career #career-counseling

Tiffanie’s Avatar
Tiffanie Jul 17, 2016 774 views

Do you get used to corporate jobs?

Handling your employeers, paperwork.. As a student looking on to my bosses and employees, it seems as if they are usually stressed and constantly busy. #work #corporate #responsibility

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Khriz May 11, 2022 318 views

question 2 for special effects artist

2. how much do you get payed a year?

cooper’s Avatar
cooper May 03, 2022 494 views

What are the tasks and responsibilities of the job?

I am interested in this job for a school project.