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Cera Aug 09, 2022 1073 views

Things to Research About Colleges

I've been looking at colleges for a while now trying to narrow down what one I'd like to go to. I just want to see what kinds of things to look for that make one college better than the other. I plan on living in the dorms, so I'll definitely look at those, but other than that (and the fact...

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Hershey Marie Aug 16, 2022 539 views

Confuse on what course to take

I don't know what's the best course to take, kindly give me some guidance. I'm interested in medicine but my parents are not well off.

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Aug 01, 2022 564 views

Does certification improve my chances of getting into my top school?

I have 10 non-credit certifications from accredited universities like Stanford University, Harvard and USC universities, but I'm quite confused if they're really significant on college applications.

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James Aug 03, 2022 840 views

I have big problems with my grades in school, especially in math. How do I improve?

I have big problems with my grades in school, especially in math. I, on the other hand, do not trust math teachers because I often had problems understanding the subject.

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Oscar Aug 03, 2022 1206 views

Job seeker with lack of experience

I am applying for jobs and many of them require at least one or more years of experience. Is it worth it to apply even if I lack that experience?

Thank you!

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Hamid Oct 18, 2016 656 views

How much does taking a foreighn language all four years help you in getting accepted to colleges and universities?

I am a junior in high school. I am looking to apply to colleges next summer and just wanted to get a heads up to see what I was aiming for. #college #university

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Harold Jul 16, 2022 437 views

If you are a real estate agent with a college degree, what did you get your degree in?

If you are a real estate agent with a college degree, what did you get your degree in? #realestate

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Emily Jul 20, 2022 615 views

Is it possible to be a pastry chef and a tattoo artist at the same time?

will it be too much?
is it a weird mix?

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Hunter Mar 27, 2018 726 views

What are good ways to gain connections while in college?

I want to be able to affect many people's lives in my future and I believe that having connections is a huge aspect in that. During college I plan to dedicate a great amount of time to my studies and I am hoping to find out what some simple tricks would be to gain connections. #futuregoals...

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Micah Jul 22, 2022 525 views

Any advice on the things I’m interested in ?

I don't have a career goal yet, I'm looking for advice, I'm interested in public relations , fashion, modeling, sports, trade schools for painting and carpentry.

Any advice on the things I’m interested in ?

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malak Dec 04, 2020 1101 views

I want to be an interior designer. Do i have to take art and design or graphics (as subjects) in IGCSE or A levels? or is it fine if i took courses outside school in these subjects? like will universities accept that?

#school #interior-design #subjects #igcse #a-levels

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Jun 29, 2022 503 views

What are some careers, that are fun and interesting every day?

I am a 15 year old that doesn't know what I want to do yet, but I want to like my job and I love to have fun.