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Tatiana T. Scott

Software Engineer, Former Forensic Scientist
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations
New York, New York
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Josie Nov 08, 2023 384 views

Do you feel like you made the correct career choice right away? or did you change careers?

Did you have to go back to college and persue something else?

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Scarlett Nov 15, 2023 301 views

How much money does a forensic artist make and how much money does a toxicologist make?

I am in my last year of middle school and I am stuck between wanting to be an artist or a forensic artist or a toxicologist. My ideal job would be to be an artist and sell my work (if someone could give ways to sell art that would be much appreciated) but I have heard that artists do not make...

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Riley Nov 16, 2023 523 views

How do expand my business as young black hairstylist?

Do I have to invest into thousands to become a known hairdresser? How do I gain my clients ? How do I promote myself? How do I get myself into feed and be known for hair

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Kyra Dec 03, 2022 481 views


What are some different Jobs/branches of forensics?

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Kyra Nov 29, 2022 507 views

Good Colleges for Forensics?

What are some good colleges to get into to become a Forensic Pathologist?

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Jsai Dec 01, 2022 1609 views

Do software engineers have enough time for their families? What is the quality of life like for people pursuing this career?

Do you get to spend weekends with your family? I have a daughter on the way so family time is important to me. Are there opportunities for work-from-home positions?