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Boyd Mayo

Retired Police Officer
Protective Service Occupations
Stockton, California
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Zyrielle' Feb 02, 2023 590 views

Real estate agent

How long did it take you to study/ become successful as a real estate agent?

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Mannix Jan 31, 2023 366 views

What should I expect going into the security field?

I am a student in Job Corps and I am going into training to become a security guard. I would appreciate your perspective on the practical aspects of working in this area. My questions are as follows: What should I expect going into this field? What would make someone a good fit for the job?...

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Tiana Jan 31, 2023 658 views

How will you ensure the safety of employees?

I want to know if a incident were to take place would you guys take measures to ensure that you are trying to protect you employee.

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Isabella Jan 07, 2023 1018 views

How can I find some career guidance?

I graduated college and I am unemployed but I am having a hard time finding a job, I feel a little disoriented. How can I find some career guidance?

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kayla Jan 01, 2023 539 views

What should I do ?

To become a criminal defense attorney, I am currently studying criminal justice and was studying psych. However, I am dropping psych since they are so closely related. I was advised to do either Business Management, Accounting, or a science. I am awful at math and always have been. What...

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Ava Dec 30, 2022 441 views

I’m struggling to get the right answer

I understand that in able to become homicide detective you must become an police officer and then work there for years to get promoted but in some agencies they don’t require it ?? What if you start working as cyber detective and gaining experience, passing the fitness test etc required can...

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Brittany Dec 28, 2022 467 views

How do I decide between getting a lcsw or lmhc/lpcc degree?

I have a BS in psychology and want to go back to school to work in the mental health field with the chronically mentally ill, as of now. It would be easier for me financially to get the counseling degree, but I know that the social work degree offers more variety in terms of careers, and it is...

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Diego Dec 13, 2022 882 views

Police Officer?

What type of person makes a good police officer?

What are the main responsibilities of a police officer?

What skills should a police officer have?

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Diego Dec 09, 2022 512 views

How hard is it to become a Police Officer?

How hard is it to become police chief as a police officer.

How many hours do police officer work.