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ISAIAH Mar 15 272 views

Should I go straight to college after I graduate or wait a little bit?

I am senior in high school.

ISAIAH’s Avatar
ISAIAH Mar 15 152 views

Would there be anything related to sports that I can major in college?

I am a senior in high school.

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 15 200 views

What should I do before choosing a college major?

This is part of our professionals series where we ask professionals what they think students should know

FAITH’s Avatar
FAITH Mar 07 257 views

what are the best note taking methods for college to help understand the work?

just want to know.

Maryuri’s Avatar
Maryuri Mar 07 351 views

Should I go to college after graduating from high school or should I work and get some money and go to college one year later?

I'm having some economic issues and I want to attend college, but I don't have all the money to pay it. What should I do. I already applied to scholarships, but I it isn't enough.

Elahsia’s Avatar
Elahsia Feb 02 242 views


My dream is to be successful in life. There's lots of careers that'll help that goal. Any suggestions? If it'll help, I love psychology and medical field related things.

olivia’s Avatar
olivia Feb 03 542 views

Please, I need answers.

What lead you to where you are now?
What advice do you have for me?
Was this your dream job, Is this where you saw yourself for your future?
When was the last time you've done something for the first time?
What should I know about keeping a job?

Lens’s Avatar
Lens Feb 03 304 views

How do I become a firefighter?

I am in 8th grade I love the idea of being a firefighter, I like saving people, saving properties from hot burning fires. It seems so exciting, what are some steps to take to become a firefighter when am older?

SKylar’s Avatar
SKylar Feb 02 562 views

What do I need to join the air force?

Will I need a lot of money or a degree for something big? I intend on joining the air force and doing something with languages. I have been in french for 9+ years and love it. I want to know if it's possible to join with pretty good grades and only a high school diploma.

Sebastian’s Avatar
Sebastian Feb 01 228 views

Do you do computer programing as an aerospace engineer?

Do you do computer programing as an aerospace engineer?

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Jan 31 300 views

What are good ways to make connections?

I'm fairly new to networking and was wondering about ways I can connect to people. I'm also wondering if there's a good time to make connections, such as when I'm in school or when I get to college.

Jun Yu’s Avatar
Jun Yu Feb 01 305 views

What are the most important things to prioritize in high school?

What can you focus on?

Liam’s Avatar
Liam Feb 01 309 views

Switching Career?

I have learned that many switch careers in their life. What are things I should consider if I want to change careers, or before deciding to switch?

David’s Avatar
David Jan 31 201 views

What are your inspirations?

Sometimes I find it hard to think of creative ideas, so I want to have some inspiration. So far I have thought of getting inspiration by walking outside, but at this point, I think I have gotten all the inspiration I could have gotten from walking outside.

Finn’s Avatar
Finn Jan 31 404 views

Is it worth it to take a gap year instead of going straight into college?

Should you go straight into college if you're not completely sure what to major in, or should you take some time away from school?