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Praveenaa G

DevOps Engineer
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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Leeton Feb 04 417 views

Would you be willing to participate in a survey about work-from-home workspaces and its impact on job satisfaction?

Hey, I'm a high school student conducting a research project on how your remote workspace impacts your job satisfaction. If you work from home could you complete this survey, it takes about 5 minutes. Thanks in advance!

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Alonna Feb 07 115 views

What job should I do?

I love kids and my friends. I would want to have a flexible schedule.

Elle’s Avatar
Elle Feb 07 147 views

Is there anything you'd recommend for me to do to become my own business owner towards the culinary arts?

This is a passion I want to pursue and would love any tips and tricks to learn and help me along my life's passion for the culinary arts.

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isabella Jan 26 424 views

interested in teaching but not sure witch grade?

if you were to go back to teaching what grade would you teach again or what grade do you think is the best grade to teach...

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Katlin Jan 20 345 views

What keeps you going when you feel unmotivated?

I want to be a preschool teacher or work at a daycare with young children and I'm worried about burnout or feeling overwhelmed.

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Sheldon Jan 23 224 views

Is sports management a good career option?

I am 17 and am really interested in sports so is it actually possible to make a career out of it?

Lucas’s Avatar
Lucas Jan 24 279 views

What keeps you motivated as you work?

Do you keep your energy high or low, when it comes to working with others are you sometimes depleted?