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Aron’s Avatar
Aron Nov 10, 2023 147 views

How much stress do nurses face.?

How much stress do nurses face

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Nov 14, 2023 207 views

What’s the best college to go to for nursing ?

What’s the best college to go to for nursing

Italy’s Avatar
Italy Nov 14, 2023 190 views

Am I still able to get a BSN even if I've already chosen a different major to get my bachelors degree in, or is it too late?

I've decided to aim to be a psychiatric nurse practitioner, but I chose psychology as my major and I am scared I cannot become a nurse because of this.

Autumn’s Avatar
Autumn Oct 17, 2023 236 views

What do you need to become a Nurse Anesthetist?

What are the core tasks in the job. And what to you need to become a Nurse Anesthetist. Do people die around you all the time. Do people remember you at all.

Sherlyn’s Avatar
Sherlyn Oct 17, 2023 317 views

Is it easy being a nurse.? Is it exhausting? Does it take up a lot of time?

Money isn't important, which is why if I become a nurse I want to know if I will have enough time for my personal life.

Seraniti’s Avatar
Seraniti Oct 17, 2023 125 views

How many hours do you work a day?

Starting out in nursing

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Oct 13, 2023 238 views

Are there multipe types of nurses? If so, what does each nurse do?

I'm in tenth grade intrested in a career in nursing, just looking for some tips.

Amayrani’s Avatar
Amayrani Oct 05, 2023 155 views

What's better a Degree or a Masters to become a NICU Nurse?

whats better a degree or a masters to become a nicu nurse?

sara’s Avatar
sara Oct 09, 2023 199 views

What is it like being a forensic nurse. How much money do you make in a month. Do you deal with a lot of blood.

I have an A+ in forensics and we are learning about blood splatter

Josie’s Avatar
Josie Oct 09, 2023 217 views

Is nursing school as hard as people say it is?

Is it going to make me super anxious and make me completely sleep deprived as people say?

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Oct 06, 2023 211 views

What is the schooling like to become a nurse What classes are needed? What is the job like after schooling? How is the salary as a nurse.??

I am currently a tenth grader. Looking to someday make my way into the medical field. I have wanted to be a nurse for a while now and would like to have some extra information on it.

alexis’s Avatar
alexis Oct 04, 2023 253 views

how much money do nurses make?

i may want to be a nurse

Lynelle’s Avatar
Lynelle Oct 06, 2023 238 views

Where to go?

Where’s a good ultrasound technician school here in co?
Need to know for next year 24

Skyler’s Avatar
Skyler Oct 06, 2023 230 views

What are my first steps to becoming an auto mechanic?

I am in 10th grade in high school. I am really interested in cars/motorcycles and want to have a career with them included.

Eli’s Avatar
Eli Oct 07, 2023 126 views

I am still in high school, I’m 19 years old, and I’ve put in over 20 job applications with no responses. What do I need to do from here?

I’m 19 years old and I’m still in school, I really need a job desperately with my dad upset I’m still at home it’s hard because I really have been trying but my efforts just aren’t paying off. What do I do?