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Mai May 25 137 views

What made you pick what you chose and why

When did you know what you wanted to do in life? How did you know what you wanted to do and what made you fall in love with it? I don’t know what else to add to this question.

Mykayla’s Avatar
Mykayla May 25 219 views

What types of jobs can women get in STEM fields?

What job can I get if I study math?

phong’s Avatar
phong May 10 65 views

How can you start graduating?

well not just graduating for college, but how can you graduate high school early when you're 11th grade or purposely learn english for 4 years (mine is 3 years)

C’s Avatar
C May 22 131 views

What classes should you take in high school to become an orthopedic surgeon?

I'm a Freshman, I want to save money, I do band, and I play two sports, I'm wanting to know what stem classes I should take to make colleges want to accept me into their school.

Zakiyah’s Avatar
Zakiyah May 24 110 views

What to expect as a teacher searching for an entry position?

What hiring process can I expect as I start to research and interview for schools? My college history is not the best but I really love to teach. Will my grades impact schools hiring me and if so, how can work around that?

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea May 19 186 views

Why did you decide to be a caregiver? What inspired you??

Hi! My name is Andrea and I am doing research on caregivers for my Health class. I would appreciate it if you answered these questions the best you could. Thank you! 1)How many years of college did you need to go through? What other programs, courses, and clubs did you join or do? 2)What jobs...

Kaylin’s Avatar
Kaylin May 25 117 views

How should I network to become a well-known fantasy author? Where can I publish my works for free to give a platform for my audience?

I'm a senior at Queens College. I currently major in English and minor in writing. I love to write and have had my writing pieces selected for a scholarship, publication, and awards.