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Aliyah Jun 09 137 views

What are the potential career paths within psychology, and how can I explore them to make an informed decision?

I know that I want to pursue and career in psychology and I would like to be open to all possible career paths within my field of choice. That way I know what’s fit for me as well.

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Xiomara Jun 09 133 views

What, How, Why, and When Do u have to pay for the stuff yourself

Do u have to pay for the stuff yourself

Kane’s Avatar
Kane Jun 09 87 views

What types of behaviors and mannerisms should I exhibit when trying to become hired in a Security position?

Are there certain codes, or things I should look out for? What do I do if I need to communicate with another coworker non-verbally?

dejia’s Avatar
dejia Jun 05 171 views

What are the busiest times of the day, and how could I help make it less stressful

Nurse anesthesias

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Israel Jun 05 87 views

Is there room for growth in the mechanic work?

Mechanic in the making

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Daniella Jun 08 146 views

What do you think is the best way to start your financial planning?

I'm in the 9th grade but I have a goal of trying to save for a car or to get my first apartment by the time I'm 20

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Kali Jun 09 173 views

How would I get a business started when im only 16 and can’t go out to do what I need to do ?

Like I want to do a photography business but I want to get it started up

Zhiyong’s Avatar
Zhiyong Jun 09 119 views

When was the first time you try a activity you thought you hated but in actuality liked?

I'm in 9th grade

Larry’s Avatar
Larry Jun 08 120 views

Life free of Conflict?

Why are there jobs? What if everyone became a farmer and supported themselves and avoided conflict and mind their own beeswax.

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Julaina Jun 09 630 views

What should I bring up when I'm trying to apply for a job?

Being an upcoming junior I am finding it hard to get a job with no previous experience and being under 18.