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Rahaf Jul 02, 2023 306 views

What should I focus on mostly during my freshman year or what should I be doing?

Am going to be a freshman this fall, I don't know what I'm doing or what interest me the most but kinda suck between traveling, nursing, engineering, or marketing

Nahum’s Avatar
Nahum Jul 02, 2023 433 views

Are jobs like school?

Are Jobs almost like school?

billie’s Avatar
billie Jul 03, 2023 242 views

how to know what to major in if nothing sounds interesting?

i have no idea what i want to do

Abdulaziz’s Avatar
Abdulaziz Jul 05, 2023 435 views

What is it like working in medicine?

Hi, to any doctor reading this, I am a rising high school senior and I might be interested in medicine. I like STEM in general, and I believe I have the brains and work ethic to thrive as a doctor. I understand that perusing the path to becoming a physician is long and challenging and takes a...

Amelia’s Avatar
Amelia Jul 05, 2023 317 views

How to start a career?

How do you start a career

Caroline’s Avatar
Caroline Jul 05, 2023 1099 views

What is a good question to ask at an interview?

As an example, for a retail store, coffee shop, receptionist etc.

Nitin’s Avatar
Nitin Jul 05, 2023 271 views

What degree did you get? Are there any specific colleges you would recommend for your profession? What classes in high school do you recommend taking? Thanks!?

What degree did you get? Are there any specific colleges you would recommend for your profession? What classes in high school do you recommend taking? Thanks!

Aanya’s Avatar
Aanya Jul 05, 2023 279 views

Which field do you think I should go in?

Hi my name is Aanya and I would love some advice on which career field would be best for me. I love science, especially biology and chemistry. I also love engineering and astronomy.

Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin Jul 06, 2023 1415 views

How do you find your passion and turn it into a career?

I participate in a wide variety of hobbies and activities like track, volleyball, art, band, you name it, I've probably done something similar. I've considered careers in every single one of these areas, but none of them seem to truly stick. I have a suspicion that my true passion could simply...

jojn’s Avatar
jojn Jul 06, 2023 369 views

how do i know when to get a job?

how do i know when i'm ready to get a job because i really want to work but idk when i'm ready for it

jordyn’s Avatar
jordyn Jul 06, 2023 245 views

what i need to do to figure out the career i want?

what i love is to help and change people for the better even if theu try to say they dont need help because i know there is a bunch of people who say they dont want or need help when theu really do. I dont know how to figure out what i wanna do in the medical field there is so many options that...

Bailey’s Avatar
Bailey Jul 06, 2023 404 views

Happy with your career?

How do you keep yourself motivated to continue the career you’ve chosen? Also how do you maintain being happy with that career if you’ve done it for so many years.