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Jolene Nov 06 115 views

If you're bi/multilingual, did you find it helped you in your job?

Not in the interview, but in your actual job.

Also interested in answers from people who know sign languages!

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Celine Nov 05 96 views

How do you find a job for you?

What major your gonna study

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Sandra Oct 15 122 views

How to complete a successful cv?

How to complete a successful cv?

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Poppy Oct 14 139 views

How to choose career path?

What makes you choose the career path you do how do you know it is what you want and you ever think it was impossible at what point what changed your mind how did you follow through

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Nathan Oct 12 114 views

What is the hardest thing about not having a career you want to do when in 12th grade

What is the most hardest thing about having not the idea what career do you want to pick for life and to collaborate as a system in learning the process of different things?

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Lorri Oct 13 107 views

+Any How do I write a completely new resume? I have lost a 30 year career in caregiving and must start looking for work , my past work history is factory, office assistant, waitress, housekeeping and construction work all of which are over 20 years ago. Please help I have no idea how to do this.

I have been a caregiver 30 + years. I have worked in other fields but not long. I was informed by Florida that I can no longer be a caregiver. Where do I start to get a job with minimal experience over 20 years ago?

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Hannah Oct 13 111 views

How do I get started? What should I expect

How well do they do
What can I do to start
Why do people need it?
Will AI take over if so, will there even be a need for this job anymore? In the future how can I tell?

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mohamed Oct 08 140 views

What is the most recommended career?

I am in 8th grade

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Callie Oct 06 105 views

Do I have a chance at this?

How do I know which career is right for me? I absolutely live for music and want to make it my life, is it possible? Is there a career for music that isn’t just being a musician?

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tiphanie Oct 06 206 views

Why is college important?

Why is school important?

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Bar Oct 04 136 views

What are remote jobs for 17 year olds?

I am looking for work from home jobs as a
17 year old High School student. Like customer service, virtual assistant, etc.

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Ben Oct 05 170 views

What things should I consider when researching career paths?

I'm in high school and now starting to get to the part where researching career paths is becoming important, and am wondering what things I should consider when looking into career paths. Personally, the thing I look for most is what would I enjoy the most. I also look into the money a little...

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Diana Oct 03 50 views

When is it too late to drop a career?

any career

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Roxanne Oct 04 41 views

So much do?

For the only one that can be done by then if you want to come over and one of the only one that can be done by then if you want to come over and watch the

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Kianna Oct 03 52 views

What kind of careers would fit for artistic and independent people?

I'm trying to figure out a career since I have a hard time figuring which careers are suitable for me. I am a freshmen, my first year in high school.