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Thomas Oct 31, 2016 813 views

How much does a mechanical draftsmen make?

My name is Thomas . I am 17 years old. I enjoy doing all of my engineering stem classes. I am in civil/architecture, aerospace engineering and foundations of engineering. I have also participated in introduction and principals class. My favorite hobby is playing the piano. Nit only do I play...

Alejandro’s Avatar
Alejandro Oct 31, 2016 684 views

Where is a good place to search for engineering internships?

I want to have an architectural related internship myself and I would like to take advantage of a chance. #architecture

gisela’s Avatar
gisela Nov 01, 2016 861 views

what are some carrers that have to do with sfx makeup

sfx makeup is like the type of makeup you see in the walking dead #cosmetology #makeup #sfx

Jared Chung’s Avatar
Jared Nov 02, 2016 822 views

What’s one piece of career advice you wish someone told you before you started a career in community management?

_This is part of a question series for CMX Summit to highlight exciting careers in community management. If you are interested in a career in community management, now would be a good time to ask a question of your own!_ #community-management

Nada’s Avatar
Nada Dec 17, 2016 1058 views

What is a better place to work at as an OB/GYN: a clinic or a hospital?

No one on the internet seems to have a solid answer for this question so I am consulting the career village experts to help me way the pros and cons of working at both including the salary and work hours for both. #obstetrics #hospitals #ob-gyn #gynocologist #clinics #financial-planning

Nada’s Avatar
Nada Dec 18, 2016 840 views

Who are some people I can talk to about everything that has to do with IB?

I want someone I can depend on who can tell me how an IB education works, what are the benefits, is the time that it takes up worth it, etc. #high-school-classes #ib-diploma #ibdp

Salvador’s Avatar
Salvador Oct 19, 2016 2201 views

What degree is recommended for computer hardware design?

I read an old reddit AMA on it a couple months ago about a hardware engineer at
Intel and somebody brought up what they would need to receive his position. However,
he didn't give a straight answer so I would like to know what I have to do to be hired
into that job.

Long’s Avatar
Long Oct 23, 2016 6915 views

Do international students need to own a green card in order to work as a doctor in the U.S?

I'm a student from Vietnam currently studying at the U.S, Texas and want to study biochemistry as my major and maybe become a pharmacist or a doctor in the future. #medicine #biochemistry

CareerVillage ’s Avatar
CareerVillage Jan 02, 2012 2393 views

What is the career path to a career in social services?

I'm interested in social work and social services. I'm wondering how people decide to go into social work and what the career path is like? #social-work #social-services

Jacqueline’s Avatar
Jacqueline Oct 20, 2016 1083 views

Which pathway of engineering should I go into?

I am getting ready to go to college and I am bamboozled by the numerous sub-fields in this career path. I want to be able to work with cars in my future, so which pathway would be best for me in order to prepare myself for the automobile industry. #engineering #cars #pathway

precious’s Avatar
precious Oct 23, 2016 1086 views


I want to become a bio medical engineer #job-search

Dominick’s Avatar
Dominick Oct 23, 2016 1600 views

What does it mean to study STEM?

I was wondering what it means to study the fields of science, technology, mathematics, and engineering. #stem

Allison’s Avatar
Allison Oct 23, 2016 3766 views

What is the day in the life of a neurologist like?

I'm interested in studying neurology. I'd like to know what I'd do everyday to see if it is a right fit for me.

Anne’s Avatar
Anne Oct 23, 2016 1376 views

What does an average day for a civil engineer look like?

I know that I want to go to college to become an engineer but I am unsure what type of engineer I want to be. #engineering #civil-engineering

Madilyn’s Avatar
Madilyn Oct 23, 2016 1301 views

What does a typical work day look like in the life of a materials engineer?

I am planning on going to college for Materials Engineering in the fall of 2017. Currently I am looking at two different engineering schools: the School of Mines and Technology in South Dakota along with Winona State University in Minnesota. I would like to know what I am getting into if I...