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Jenni’s Avatar
Jenni Aug 19, 2023 484 views

How do you know that the career you chose is the right one for you ?

I’m a bit concerned about the work I’ll do not matching to the salary I’ll receive

Layla’s Avatar
Layla Aug 18, 2023 593 views

How stressful is it working in the medical field?

Is it very stressful with work hours and do you have time to do the things you like?

Jeff’s Avatar
Jeff Aug 17, 2023 541 views

How can I find financial assistance for school?

I need to pay of some school debt and pay off my remaining balance for the upcoming semester.

Brenda’s Avatar
Brenda Aug 02, 2023 3172 views

What was your dream job as a child and what is your current job now?

Have your interests changed? How did you discover what job you truly wanted/was best for you? Do you have any regrets about where you are at right now?

KC’s Avatar
KC Aug 17, 2023 540 views

when you go into an art degree is it worth it?

I want to get an art degree, but is it going to be worth it in the long run.

Skylyn’s Avatar
Skylyn Aug 15, 2023 360 views

How can I best manage my time when I'm busy with so many different things?

I'm entering my senior year and I'm worried about balancing all the different things on my plate. I need to focus on college applications and my school work but I'm also interested in joining clubs and playing sports. On top of this, I will probably be working. How can I manage all these...