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Evan Mar 02, 2023 852 views

What is the biggest challenge of becoming a chemical engineer?

Alternatively, what are the biggest challenges of being a chemical engineer?

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Ronney Aug 07, 2023 738 views

what do i need to succeed in life

what do i have to do to get my career how do i get my head in the game if my teacher gets annoyed of me what can i do to get help on my career work if sometimes the computers don't want to work

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Dario Aug 08, 2023 1014 views

Why is the life expectancy for welders so low?

I just don't know why there isn't more safety for the respiratory system when it comes to welding, I know it's easier said than done but there should be mask requirements to help welders live a longer life. I understand that it will have higher costs but it lets people live longer instead of...

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Vedant Aug 11, 2023 988 views

How did you prepare for this career in terms of education and training? What traits of yours led to choosing this career path?

Looking for answers from more science based careers - i.e. Paramedicine, astronomy, botany, zoology, physicists.

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Nathan Aug 14, 2023 380 views

What kind of hardware and protective gear will I be wearing as a Electrical Engineer?

I know It'll include gloves, pliers, hand tools, and such but are there any other tools and protective gear that aren't commonly known?

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Jaquelin Aug 17, 2023 460 views

What are helpful courses for the career of engineering?

What are helpful courses for engineering

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Andrew May 07, 2023 360 views

How can I get a research internship this summer?

I'm currently in a high school junior in Brooklyn, NY. I would like to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for mechanical or chemical engineering. Are there any good websites I can learn some of this stuff on my own, potentially creating something in my high school career?

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Charlotte Aug 18, 2023 688 views

What is an environmental engineer?

What does an environmental engineer really do on a daily basis? I can’t decide if it’s what I really want to do but I have been considering it. Any advice?