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DejaCodman2 . Sep 09, 2012 2000 views

what are some unique careers that are always in need of workers?

I am a sophomore looking to explore unique careers that are always in high demand. #career #demand...


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Frank G. Sep 28, 2015 2190 views
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Makenna M. Oct 20, 2015 3233 views

What is Marketing?

Tell me what marketing is and what do you have to do to become a Marketing...

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kanika M. May 12, 2016 2317 views

What is mean by tech?

Hi I am kanika.I am 10th std. #teaching #technology...


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Malinda B. May 20, 2016 2796 views

Is an xray tech a good choice for a career?

Im planning to become an xray...

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mansi S. Jun 21, 2016 4811 views
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Tiffanie L. Jul 18, 2016 1869 views

What is more important? Your GPA or your experience?

When prospective employeers look at your resume, Which qualification has a greater chance in the employee getting a job ? #college #career #jobs #resume...


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Diana M. Aug 10, 2016 619 views

Robotics Engineering

Many times i have looked and worked with FRC robots at school and thought i like all the aspects of making a robots. I believe i want to be a robotics engineer, but what do i need ? What is the difference between a robotics engineer and a double major in electrical and mechanical engineers? Are...

#university #mechanical-engineering #double-major #robotics #electrical-engineering

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Rachel B. Sep 19, 2016 2011 views

Are online colleges as good as normal colleges?

I am considering going to an online college. #college #college-major...


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Randal Tyrese C. Oct 19, 2016 1895 views

What is the best Engineering field to go into?

I want to major in Engineering but I am on the fence about what concentration/field that I should go...

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Juliana A. Oct 31, 2016 26966 views
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Tanner P. Nov 01, 2016 536 views
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Caio F. Jan 24, 2017 853 views

How do we choose between two equally good colleges?

I'm currently inconclusive whether I should apply to SCAD Atlanta or SCAD Savannah, as both schools give me equal opportunity of success. How does one decide? #college #art #design...


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Pam M. Jan 26, 2017 861 views

How should you create a resume for a creative job?

I am a design student looking to find a job in the field. How should I go about creating my resume to target creative jobs (graphic design, web design, etc.). What are some key aspects I should focus on that aren't included a the conventional resume? #design #human-resources #resume...

#graphic-designer #web-design #job-application #web-development #creative #graphic-design