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Leah Mar 22, 2019 554 views

How to talk to your boss about the restrictions in your position and limitations that your boss is causing?

I work as a web designer for a professor and I'm trying to replace a video recorder widget that broke before I got hired. The most I can actually do is just keep sending him recommendations about which ones to look at. But I don't have the capabilities to do a trail run of premium versions of...

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Leah Dec 18, 2017 668 views

What good online jobs are there that pay by work hours, not annual contract?

I am now on winter break and want a job but can't drive. I am looking online for jobs that pay according to how much work I do so that I don't have to clock in at certain hours. I am an art student and would prefer to get a leg-in for my future art career but I won't be heartbroken if end up...

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Leah Dec 18, 2017 4139 views

Is it worth it to get a job only for the month of college winter break?

I am home for winter break right now and want to get a job so I am not doing anything after New Years. Applying for jobs is even harder because I can't drive and must be able to walk there and back every day I work.

#job-search #online #remote-work #part-time #college-jobs

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Leah Feb 14, 2017 708 views

What can you do if your job involves traveling but you need a break from traveling?

I know someone who travels to study different cultures but doing so is causing health problems. I've considered a job that involves traveling but I don't know if I will be able to handle the consequences of consistent traveling.

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Leah Feb 14, 2017 814 views

What does an internship need to improve in you before it's considered a good internship?

I'm planning on doing an internship in the summer but I'm not sure what makes an internship good or worth the time. #internships #japan #summer-jobs #summer-internship

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Leah Feb 11, 2017 991 views

How easy is it to be hired to an art-related job outside of teaching art after you graduate?

Peopel say certain majors are seen as iirational because of way they will be beneficial after secondary schooling. However, I have yet to be informed on the actual possibilities of jobs for those mahors and why they are so difficult to have a career in. #jobs #art #careers #fine-art

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Leah Feb 11, 2017 700 views

How can you stay in contact with professors after you graduate?

I'm in a school were networking isbreally wncouraged and I understand that in terms of preparing for your future. However, I don't think anyone has mentioned the small ways you can stay in contact with people after graduation orbwhy thatvwould be important. If you know someone that has...

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Leah Feb 11, 2017 2072 views

How easy is it to get a minimum wage job?

I've been considering how much someone would struggle when they get out of college with experience but not quite the right kind. Is experience what matters? I understanf that everyone "starts at the bottom" but how have much time will that take to even get a job straight out of college? I tried...

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Leah Feb 08, 2017 731 views

Besides health plans, how common is it for jobs or companies to spend time focusing on the mental health of workers?

I ask this because in day-to-day life I already see very little of people analyzing why they feel the way they do, see the way they do and think they way they do. I belive it would beneficial for people to spend more time considering the roots of why they have the thoughts and opinions that...

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Leah Feb 08, 2017 911 views

Will going abroad for your first job increase your chances for jobs back home?

I'm planning on going abroad for my first job. It will be a teaching job and I don't have any serious career ideas. I don't know what job I would be working if I stay home instead so I'm assuming staying or leaving won't makeba huge difference in what I care about, unless I find something...