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Serena K. Jan 03, 2018 981 views
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franziska B. Jan 22, 2018 411 views

What is the difference between a BA and BS in psychology?

I want to study psychology but I am more of a science person, so I'm wondering what classes I would need to take for a BS in psychology, or a BA in psychology. #psychology...


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Reshyra J. May 30, 2018 364 views

Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience vs. Psychology?

What's the difference between majoring in CBNU vs. Psychology? #psychology...


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jessica G. Mar 05, 2019 98 views

What is the largest advancement in regards to school psychology #Tech

There are many fields out there that require record keeping flash note taking however that information must remain confidential for several reasons. Skills do not have limits put on occasion if you have a limitation that affects your ability to type for example. However, you need technological...


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Kate F. Mar 12, 2019 2215 views

Is it worth it to double major in psychology and neuroscience?

Right now, I've declared my major as Psychology (B.S.) and I'm thinking about adding a Neuroscience major. I'm very interested in the biological basis of behavior, down to a cellular/molecular level. However, I know it would take a lot of effort, time and money to declare an additional...

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Andres A. Apr 25, 2019 107 views

I know I want to be in the field of Psychology, what are the steps to get started?

Specifically, I want to be a therapist or counselor, however, I don't know what steps to take after taking high school Psychology. What are some steps or other classes I can do to continue after?...


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payton J. Sep 06, 2019 112 views

What is the average salary for a psychiatrist?

I am a senior student at Brennan high school and am interested in being a psychiatrist. When looking up the average salary i often find many different answers and was wondering if there was one set salary. #psychology #psychiatry...


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Ray K. Dec 12, 2019 144 views

What are your favorite resources to read about psychology research?

Not quite a college or career question, but this seems like an appropriate place to converse :). I like Psychology Today, Google Scholar, The Epoch Times, and Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. I'm having trouble finding social media accounts that post...

#psychology #magazine #research-psychology

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Allison S. Jul 26 70 views

How can I gain the necessary research experience to qualify for acceptance to a psychology PhD program right out of undergrad?

I am a senior getting ready to graduate with a bachelor’s in social sciences this December. I plan to pursue clinical psychology and would like to apply to PhD programs straight out of undergrad. I am desperately seeking a research internship, as I know they are necessary for acceptance, yet so...

#research #july #clinicalpsych-phd

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Kimberly C. Jul 29 77 views

Is philosophy a good premed major?

I am a senior, and I have decided I want to major in philosophy, and minor in bioethics. Is that a good major for med school? #medicine #premed #philosophy...