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Harshitha’s Avatar
Harshitha Aug 05, 2023 840 views

As an ex-employee of XYZ Company, while applying for a new role within the same organization, what can I add in the summary/objective section in my resume- to showcase how I can bring value to the organization with my new accomplishments and also as an ex-employee?

Seeking help from professionals who have already traversed this path. Is it a good idea to mention in the Resume's Objective/Summary section that being an ex-employee how I can add value with my previous work and recent master's degree experience? How to skillfully craft the Objective in this...

john’s Avatar
john Aug 07, 2023 896 views

How can I study for SAT and how to feel better about it?

hello, my name is John and I have the sat test coming up. I am extremely stressed and worried and don't know what to do about it. how can I study for it? what to expect and how to get a good score.

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Tjuan Oct 13, 2020 1138 views

I want to become a Computer architecture #

#technology #career #archectecture #archeology

Any tips?

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julio Jul 23, 2019 415 views

What do you like about your job? Whats the hardest part of your job?

My name is Julio Arreola im looking into auto mechanics can you answer my questions please #job

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Victoria May 29, 2018 820 views

How necessary is an internship during college for future jobs?

#internships #intern #summer-internship #medicine #psychology #doctors #phd

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Mason Sep 05, 2018 1088 views

I want to work at microsoft

I like microsoft and designing #Microsoft