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Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Oct 25, 2019 458 views

What type of schooling is required to become a Forensic Pathologist

I strive to become a better person and better student. Im involved in Marching band and love studying human anatomy. #forensics #forensic #science #medicine

Marie’s Avatar
Marie May 18, 2020 860 views

what kind of work do surgeons do?

I know they operate what else do they do #medicine #surgeon #surgery

George’s Avatar
George Feb 24, 2020 430 views

where can i continue getting more skill about mechanic?

where can learn more about my skill and abilities #mechanic #automative #mechanics

justin’s Avatar
justin Feb 24, 2020 489 views

how much does brick lane start off at?

#money #design #entrepreneur

Deondre’s Avatar
Deondre Feb 24, 2020 841 views

How much do judges make a year?

How much do judges make a year? #money #judge #law #criminal-justice

Jairah’s Avatar
Jairah Feb 24, 2020 577 views

What is the qulifications to be an electrician?

what should I study for while getting into this career field. #engineering

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Oct 04, 2019 393 views

what type of education do you need in order to be a top professional facility maintenance

#facility maintenanc

Zeinabu’s Avatar
Zeinabu Jan 15, 2020 626 views

What type of education will I need to become an oncologist

#education #doctor #health #medical #medicine

Delylah’s Avatar
Delylah Aug 30, 2019 403 views

How do you help a family who can't afford a funeral?


Latashia’s Avatar
Latashia Sep 11, 2019 582 views

what undergraduate courses and graduate courses do i need to take to become a forensic pathologist?

I am in college trying to become a forensic pathologist, however it is unclear to what courses i need to take. I am majoring in Criminal Justice but do not know what to do next. #forensic #forensic-science #forensicpathologist

Johnny’s Avatar
Johnny Sep 23, 2019 1802 views

How many hours do you work in a typical week as a wildlife rehabilitator?

high school student looking into becoming a wildlife rehabilitator #zoology #wildlife #biology #animalscience #biologist #job #marine-biology #science

eva’s Avatar
eva Sep 06, 2019 377 views

my question to my profession is what educational preparation would you recommend for this feild

outgoing self willed humble i am very strived i don’t give up easily #medicine

eli’s Avatar
eli Nov 14, 2019 421 views

What skill set do you need to be a carpenter.

Hard worker no afraid to get dirty welling to work till the sun goes down #work #career