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Brandon, Florida

Within 40 mile radius
Sadie’s Avatar
Sadie Jul 21, 2023 152 views

How is the work life balance of being a travel nurse?

Is there constant traveling, or is it overly stressful?

Im a Sophomore in high school and my teachers have been pushing my peers and I to find what careers we hope to pursue. thank you :)

Eliana’s Avatar
Eliana Jul 21, 2023 249 views

i'm trying to start my first small business and idk how?

i wanna sell stuff like coffee mugs and knitted blankets.

Chelsea’s Avatar
Chelsea Jul 20, 2023 377 views

What counts as experience?

From what I was told I have none and that experience is only gained by working a professional job is this true? If not what are some ways I may have already gained experience?

Chelsea’s Avatar
Chelsea Jul 20, 2023 405 views

How to find a job with no experience at 14 years old?

I'm 14 and searching online my mother and I cannot find anywhere hiring under the age of 15. My options are limited as I would have to work part time due to school starting again. I am willing to work on weekends as well. The only experience I have is watching my siblings and sometimes my...

SHARI’s Avatar
SHARI Jul 19, 2023 435 views

Are there other jobs besides working a 9-5 that pay enough for me to sustain myself??

i dont want to work for the rest of life and i think ill miss summers.

SHARI’s Avatar
SHARI Jul 19, 2023 500 views

Should i go to college after highschool or start working?

should i start working or go to college? Does college actually help?

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Jul 18, 2023 2226 views

What is it like working as a imagineer for disney?

I have no idea what I want to do in life but I love Disney and all the rides there. I think it would be amazing to build rides that bring kids joy on the best day or days of there lives. I live in Florida where Disney world is for context. I would love to know how I could maybe get my foot in...

SHARI’s Avatar
SHARI Jul 18, 2023 278 views

When should I start saving for college?

College is expensive and I’m not sure if I’m able to get financial aid or scholarships, so when should I start saving?

SHARI’s Avatar
SHARI Jul 18, 2023 781 views

What are the biggest obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your potential?

Are there things in life that prevent you from doing your best? Is it yourself, family, friends, or other things?

Piper’s Avatar
Piper Jul 15, 2023 490 views

How can EvolveMe benefit me?

I'm going into 11th grade, and I can't seem to find a job. I still don't know what college I want to go to either or how to get a scholarship. Can this site help?

Gracie’s Avatar
Gracie Jul 14, 2023 347 views

How does being a child psychologist affect you mentally?

How do you cope with hearing horrible things kids go through if you are a child psychologist/therapist? I have considered this career path quite a bit, I am just worried I would not be able to handle it all.

Jadai’s Avatar
Jadai Jul 14, 2023 293 views

How do I start a career in Hollywood ?

I have chorus class and I have my fair share of being good at acting I'm starting highschool this year (9th grade) when I finish I wanna take off mediately but I don't know if I'm gonna stick with that choice of career the problem is I'm gonna be homeschooled and my parents aren't well off so...

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Jul 13, 2023 326 views

What should I do if I want to Become an actor in musicals?

I love to do musicals but I don’t Know how could even achieve this dream of mine it feels too out of reach. But I am in musical theater and voicemail techniques at my high school.

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Jul 13, 2023 280 views

What is it like being a biologist or marine biologist ?

I have no idea what I want to do in life. I am only a freshman but it is good to get ideas. So how did you accomplish getting a job as a biologist or marine biologist and what are some frequently asked questions you can answer? How many years of college did you do? What is the best college to...

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Jul 10, 2023 350 views

How do you pick a college?

How do you pick a college? Is any college a good college? How old do you have to be to start college? What prerequisites are good to start in highschool?

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