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Bullock, NC

Within 40 mile radius
david’s Avatar
david May 08 460 views

how can I succeed as an entrepreneur ?

I am an aspiring business student

Austin’s Avatar
Austin May 06 242 views

What lab internships are available in the Durham / Raleigh area?

Looking for any lab experience does not have to be paid.

Juan-Pablo’s Avatar
Juan-Pablo Mar 14 456 views

Career Paths/Jobs that correlate to Associate in Science Degree?

I am currently in my second semester at Durham Tech getting my Associate's in Science and I have done some research on the jobs/careers I can get/attain from my degree but was wondering how would I go about not only finding a job that I would love to do, but how to search for the right one for...

Juan-Pablo’s Avatar
Juan-Pablo Mar 14 801 views

Radiology/Radiography and where to start!

Hello, This is my first time writing here, I am interested in my career pathway of becoming a radiologist or radiographer! Any tip's internship wise and what to expect? I Wake Tech has a radiography program and was wondering if that would be a good start? I am getting my Associate in Sciences's...

Bri’s Avatar
Bri Feb 16 511 views

What are some tips in applying for college ?

I am a junior in highschool and I am worrying about applying for college to late.

Brae’s Avatar
Brae Nov 23, 2023 340 views

How hard is the nursing field really ?

I hear many people talk about how hard the nursing field is. Is it as complicating as it seems to be?

Brae’s Avatar
Brae Nov 23, 2023 296 views

Why is it hard to get in a class that I want?

I am a junior in high school. I want a career in psychology and before I go to college I want to take the course in school. The counselor know what I want to do but they still manage to put in in classes that I didn’t ask for. Also the class that I want to take are not full.

Kya’s Avatar
Kya Oct 02, 2023 357 views

How do you know you found your dream career?

I’m a freshman in high school and have been trying to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life. I don’t have any ideas of what I could be good at either.

Z’s Avatar
Z Aug 28, 2023 341 views

When should I start trying to find a job?

I am a 16 year old junior. I finally realized that to have money for college, I need to work a job. The only problem is, I have gotten rejected on all my online applications. So I decided to finish high school and wait until I start college to work. When should I start? Do I apply ahead of...

DeMarreau’s Avatar
DeMarreau Aug 24, 2023 331 views

How do I start film?

I enjoy the thought of creating videos, whether it's entertaining, informational, or anything else. How do I go about making my content likable for multiple different audiences?

Tamara’s Avatar
Tamara Aug 24, 2023 927 views

What type of scholarships should I look at Since I want to be a veterinarian?

If someone wants to be a veterinarian I think they should go to NC State.

jayden’s Avatar
jayden Aug 24, 2023 263 views

how do i get exposed more in the sports field?

how can i get better recgonized?

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Aug 24, 2023 926 views

How much do Marine Biologist get payed on average and is it worth it?

What type of degree do you need?

madison’s Avatar
madison Aug 24, 2023 784 views

what happens when your profession is not needed anymore?

like if AI replaces your job

Brittany’s Avatar
Brittany Aug 24, 2023 490 views

What if what im interesting in now can be confusing and changes when im growing up and wont be able to fulfill my dream career if it don't work out!

actress and business enterprenur and in miltary

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