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Melbourne, Florida

Within 40 mile radius
Grace R.’s Avatar
Grace R. May 04, 2016 652 views

I was wondering what public colleges offer Speech Pathology as a Masters Degree in Florida? And which ones are better and for what reasons?

I am thinking about going into Speech Pathology as a Masters Degree. I am confused about what public colleges offer it. I would love some opinions on those colleges as well. #college-major #masters #speech-pathology

Samantha C.’s Avatar
Samantha C. Jan 21, 2018 718 views

What are the fields of work for a marine biologist?

There are so many things to study in the field I don't know how to narrow it down. #somanychoices #marine-biology #careers #biology

Dylan G.’s Avatar
Dylan G. Jan 24, 2018 606 views

What Undergraduate Degree would best prepare me for a Systems Engineering/Engineering Management Graduate Degree?

I am seeking to become a Systems Engineer/Engineering Manager, but only graduate degrees are offered in these disciplines. What undergraduate degree could I pursue that would do the best job of preparing me for graduate level coursework? Would it be advantageous to complete a bachelors degree...

Rokaria L.’s Avatar
Rokaria L. Jan 19, 2018 3792 views

Do companies truly focus on your college major when applying for jobs?

My major might be something broad like English, but I want to work in the creative arts. I want to know if employers truly care about your major even if it might not match exactly to what they want. #major

Kathryn D.’s Avatar
Kathryn D. May 27, 2016 573 views

How can I advance in the healthcare setting?

I am pursuing a Bachelors degree in Healthcare Management. I'd like to learn more about how far I can get in this field. Once my bachelors degree has been earned, I would enjoy furthering my career by continuing my education with a Masters Degree. #healthcare #education #management #financial-aid

Samantha C.’s Avatar
Samantha C. Jan 21, 2018 467 views

Is there a specific course of study for animal behavior in psychology?

I love the field of #psychology but want to work with animals. #animals #animal-behavior #behavior #research

Hikari A.’s Avatar
Hikari A. Nov 25, 2020 281 views

What work field would be best with someone who has autism and doesn't know what to do.

I have autism and wanted to to be a Vet or a nurse, but I thought about it and realized they might not be the best things to work with. I enjoy working with animal, not people. I like making art or designing things. I also enjoy writing. If ya'll have any suggestions that would be great. #media #art

Celestial H.’s Avatar
Celestial H. Jun 23, 2020 603 views

Can I get a good and safe job at 17?

I really don't know what to ask. I've been searching for a decent and anxiety unnerving job for about a week. I have major anxiety but I work well with people. I am 17 years old and I am about to graduate this year. I turn 18 in, literally, five months. I want a job and I want to save up money...

Bradley S.’s Avatar
Bradley S. Aug 19, 2018 345 views

Organic Chemistry? What should I expect?

Hello, my name is Bradley, I am a Junior in College, and I figured I would reach out to see what advice I may be able to obtain in regards to taking Organic Chemistry 1.

Any suggestions or advice??
#chemistry #organicchemistry #ochem

gabe T.’s Avatar
gabe T. Jul 15, 2020 557 views

What's a good part time job that will teach you more in the future?

I'm 15 years old, i am gay and trans so its kinda hard to find a job since i'm nervous someone will make fun of me. But then i do need an active job so what is a j #job-search ob that will help me in the future?

cayenne T.’s Avatar
cayenne T. Feb 02, 2021 346 views

im in 12th grade and need help finding a career path

i like animals and nature #advice #career-path #help

Samantha C.’s Avatar
Samantha C. Oct 30, 2016 689 views

Rescue Team Volunteer

How old do you have to be to volunteer on an animal rescue team? #veterinarian #biologist #researcher #boat #captain

Amarion G.’s Avatar
Amarion G. Feb 03, 2021 158 views

What do sports medicine generally teach you?

You could ask what type of triaining it takes. Types of injuries you help. #sports

Amarion G.’s Avatar
Amarion G. Feb 02, 2021 283 views

What the highest pain in the sports medicine?

Is there any Benefit #sports

mariangelie R.’s Avatar
mariangelie R. Feb 02, 2021 226 views

im a senior in high school im interested in the medical field? whats the highest paying job in that field? #senior #babies #goodpay

Hello ! im a senior in high school ive always been interested in child delivery since a kid. i want to choose a job ill never get bored with and i feel like thats the perfect field for me. #field #jobs #nurselife #cutebabies #high-school

Amarion G.’s Avatar
Amarion G. Feb 02, 2021 308 views

What is a sports medicine average salary?

I’m Amarion I’m in 12th grade and I wanna be in the sports field and wanna know about what jobs in Georgia #sports

Jade C.’s Avatar
Jade C. May 23, 2016 489 views

During college should you try to get an internship in a firm that needs or has an acturial position? And how likely is it?

I want to become an actuary. #actuarial-science #actuarial

Lauren G.’s Avatar
Lauren G. Jan 22, 2018 423 views

Does anyone have tips or advice for someone who would like to work with wildlife?

#zoology #major #college #careers

Dylan G.’s Avatar
Dylan G. Jan 24, 2018 2190 views

What does the average day of an Engineering Manager consist of?

I am a junior in high school, and I am looking to pursue a Master's Degree in Engineering Management. Before I commit, I am looking to form a clear picture of the daily duties and responsibilities of Engineering Managers. To any engineering manager specifically, or even any engineer in...

Wesley M.’s Avatar
Wesley M. Jan 18, 2018 687 views

For those who went into the field of Computer Science, what jobs did you find yourself gravitating towards?

I find that there's so much opportunity when it comes to the field of Computer Science. There's a variety of different jobs that you can get, from being a software developer to a systems security administrator. I personally enjoy the programming side of Computer Science, so I believe becoming a...

Bradley S.’s Avatar
Bradley S. Aug 19, 2018 352 views

MCAT Scores, what's the best study method?

I am currently a Junior in College, and I am preparing to take my MCAT examination, in hopes to getting into a Medical School in the near future. Aside from books and online test preps, which present themselves as good prep techniques, what have YOU done to prepare for the MCAT??? #school...

Rokaria L.’s Avatar
Rokaria L. Jan 19, 2018 372 views

Hat should I do if there are no internships near me?

I want to work in the creative arts and where I live there aren’t very much internships for my interests. #internships

Wesley M.’s Avatar
Wesley M. Jan 18, 2018 525 views

For those that have gone into the field of software development, what would you say is one of the most interesting programs you've created?

I've always been into coding and plan to go into the field of computer science when I'm in college. I find it interesting when people tell me all the amazing things they were able to create with their knowledge of different coding languages. #technology #computer-software

Katelyn K.’s Avatar
Katelyn K. May 23, 2018 433 views

Should you ask around to get the best teachers in college?

I know in high school you always recommend certain teachers but high school is very different and a lot bigger so how should i go about getting the best teacher? #collegefreshman #school #student

Katelyn K.’s Avatar
Katelyn K. May 23, 2018 376 views

Should I live on campus or off campus?

Lots of pros and cons to both, I just want to hear peoples personal experiences and which they liked better. #college

Lauren G.’s Avatar
Lauren G. Jan 22, 2018 471 views

What should you do if you are questioning your choice of major?

Do you stick with your chosen major or explore other majors if you are questioning it? #majors #college #conflicted

Allyson F.’s Avatar
Allyson F. May 11, 2016 793 views

Would a BS degree in Environmental Engineering help me with my career goal to be a Director of a Water Treatment Plant?

I am currently enrolled in the Water Technology Program at my high school and hope to graduate high school with my General AA from the community college as well as my class C water operator's license. I am trying to decide on my university and major for after I grudate. #in #field #water...

Samantha C.’s Avatar
Samantha C. Oct 30, 2016 530 views

Job Opportunities

How do I find local animal research opportunities in my area? #animal #scientists #vets #biologists #caretakers

Kathryn D.’s Avatar
Kathryn D. May 27, 2016 876 views

How many years of education is recommended for a healthcare manager?

I have chosen to pursue my Bachelors degree in Healthcare Management. I want to be fully prepared and educate myself on all levels of healthcare to be confident in every part of the hospital or other practitioner's office. I look forward to becoming a well-rounded individual in the healthcare...

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