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Oxford, England, United Kingdom

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Riley’s Avatar
Riley Oct 18, 2016 606 views

Working in the medical field

How does working with patients affect your personal lives? For a long time I wanted to be a psychiatric nurse but I can imagine it is hard to shut off emotional connection to patients in the work place. #doctor #psychology #nurse #psychologist #psychiatrist

meerab’s Avatar
meerab Jul 14, 2021 179 views

what to do if your GCSE result isn't good

i just set my GCSE examinations. But i think that the result might not be good. Because I just came in year 10. And I didn't even go to school for about 6-9months last year because of covid. I really wanna do a-level biology and chemistry #GCSE

Kezia’s Avatar
Kezia May 05, 2016 912 views

Computer Science- how much maths is needed, and what kind of maths?

I am looking forward to doing Computer Science A-level next year and am really nervous about just how much maths is needed, I am also taking Maths A-level and am fairly adequate in the subject I just would like to know what to expect. #computer-science #coding #maths

SH’s Avatar
SH Oct 09, 2018 472 views

How old can you be to start?


I'd love to be famous

Courtney’s Avatar
Courtney May 21, 2016 900 views

What are some of the best jobs to look for in the hospitality/travel/tourism field in terms of salary and potential for growth?

Interested in the hospitality/travel/tourism field #business #management #travel #hospitality #tourism #financial-planning

Josh ’s Avatar
Josh May 09, 2016 603 views

I have not decided what i want to become once i finish school in 2 years time? My best subjects are Psychical Education, Business Management and biology. My hobbies are eSports,Soccer, Working on cars and keeping fit

I just need some direction. #business #biology

Ameer’s Avatar
Ameer Mar 27, 2021 192 views

Do I need any qualification's to enter a college IT course in the Uk

My name is Ameer. I'm 16 years old and I have been in the Uk for 5 months. Right now I go to an English Level 1 Course at a college. But the college said to me that I need to apply to other courses to continue my Journey. I have applied for a BTEC Level 1 Introductory Diploma in Information...

roshni’s Avatar
roshni Jan 21, 2021 229 views

i’m thinking of doing interior design because i take an interest in art and it seems good. Unfortunately, i never picked art or anything related for GCSE meaning that i cant do it for a level. Would this affect universities accepting me?

#art #interior-design #highschool

kabia’s Avatar
kabia Dec 24, 2020 183 views

What is the role of a registered nurse in domiciliary nursing

I an a registered nurse #chess

roshni’s Avatar
roshni Jan 21, 2021 175 views

I’m thinking of taking an interest in interior design but i didn’t do any arty subjects for gcse so i can’t do them for a level. Would this affect universities accepting me?

#high-school #interiordesign

kabia’s Avatar
kabia Dec 24, 2020 341 views

what is my job as a registered nurse, when nursing a patient in his or her own home


Riley’s Avatar
Riley Oct 18, 2016 625 views

Picking a Specialty:Pre-Med

I'm going to be a pre-med student next fall and was wishing to pursue neuroscience to hopefully become a neurologist. I was wondering if choosing a specialty after medical school is worth it since it is so competitive and the spaces for residency are so limited? #doctor #neuroscience...

Catherine’s Avatar
Catherine May 18, 2016 1126 views

What Career should I have

My teachers are constantly telling me i should know what my career is but i have no clue what i want to do!!! I love georgian houses and interiors of homes but i don't want to be a builder. This is what i am doing for GCSE's: English- I don't enjoy but can do it Maths- Try really hard but...

SH’s Avatar
SH Oct 09, 2018 489 views

What do you get paid? As a DJ



BJ’s Avatar
BJ Oct 09, 2018 528 views

What schooling do I need to join the royal air force ?

#royalairforce #careers

Zoe’s Avatar
Zoe May 12, 2016 575 views

Is being a college athlete difficult with the workload?

I'm not exactly sure if I want to play sports along with a heavy workload, but I will consider it. #college #athlete

Hector’s Avatar
Hector Aug 29, 2016 1058 views

I'm unsure what to do with my life

I'm in my first year of university in the UK and I'm doing Adult Nursing. I'm more than halfway done. But, the thing is, my head and heart are not into it. It bores me and does not interest me in the least. In fact, if I force myself to continue it, I'm pretty sure I'll end up jumping off a...

Zoe’s Avatar
Zoe May 12, 2016 617 views

Should I apply to pre-med programs or pre-law programs?

In order to figure out what path I want to take in college, I would love to hear the opinions of professors in these fields! #professor

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