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Richmond, Virginia

Within 40 mile radius
Zykerria’s Avatar
Zykerria Jun 01, 2022 462 views

What classes do I take in HS so I can be a veterinarian?

I want to be a veterinarian, what classes should I take in HS to expose myself to that field of work?

Quiana’s Avatar
Quiana Aug 11, 2021 549 views

How do you support your employers ability to grow and scale?


Quiana’s Avatar
Quiana Aug 10, 2021 1872 views

How do you increase productivity at work?

#accounting #finance

Quiana’s Avatar
Quiana Aug 10, 2021 947 views

How do you improve time management at work?

#time-management , #data entry, #revenue cycle

Marcus’s Avatar
Marcus May 17, 2021 649 views

What are some good careers for someone who doesn't mind doing math and also wants to help people?

Helping people for me is making people feel physically better, like medicine and fitness. #career-counseling #math

Marcus’s Avatar
Marcus May 17, 2021 700 views

What should I know about applying for college?


Marcus’s Avatar
Marcus May 17, 2021 807 views

Is biomedical engineer a good career?

I'm good at math and I want to help others in the future. #career #math #career-options #career-choice #career-counseling

Dang’s Avatar
Dang Jan 25, 2021 672 views

Any virtual volunteering opportunities for high students in Richmond, VA?

#volunteer #teen

Nyla’s Avatar
Nyla Nov 18, 2020 3183 views

What are some pros and cons about being a software engineer?

I am a senior in high school and I am interested in the technology field. I have been thinking about getting a degree in computer science and I just want to see what I might be getting into.
#givingiscaring. #schooling

Gabrielle’s Avatar
Gabrielle Nov 17, 2020 1294 views

How do I become a criminal profiler?

I am currently studying for my Masters in Criminal Justice and Security Administration and I have a bachelors in psychology. The end goal for my career track is to be a FBI profiler. However, I'm struggling to find where to start on my career path. I am not looking for a law enforcement...

Bansi’s Avatar
Bansi Nov 02, 2020 482 views

I want to become a general pediatrician.

Hey there! I want to become a pediatrician. It is my dream! Is there any advice and/or guidance you can provide? I know this is a vague question, but any small idea will do! Thanks!

Thanks in advance,

#pediatrician #healthcare #job #doctor #medical

Makayla’s Avatar
Makayla May 14, 2020 758 views

What are different types of neuroscience careers you can get with an MD?

I am in my last year of undergraduate for a neuroscience major and just started thinking I want to do pre-med. But, I am struggling with what speciality I would wanna do with an in MD related to neuroscience . I am very interested in forensics so like forensic neuropathology (but scared I might...

Simone’s Avatar
Simone Apr 05, 2020 1092 views

I do not know what my career should be

Hello, I am in college and am unsure of what my career should be. I hate math and science, so I know that the STEM field is not for me. I do like helping others and am considering education. The only issue I have with being a teacher is that the pay is low, and I am constantly told that that...

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Nov 19, 2019 549 views

how old you have to be help in the zoo?

i want to help animals and i want to save the animals #animals

Rahul’s Avatar
Rahul Oct 15, 2019 1792 views

What career path is right for me

#management #sales #business-management #entrepreneur

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