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Paajcha Julie’s Avatar
Paajcha Julie Dec 16, 2021 1475 views

What is being a remote worker like?

For those you of doing remote work, what is is like overall? 1. What kind of work do you do? (contractor, employee, etc.) 2. In regards to work hours, is it more flexible compared to working on site? 3. How are you compensated? (salary, commission, etc.) 4. What is the earning potential of...

Sam’s Avatar
Sam Jan 11, 2022 570 views

What are the best things to wear to an interview to stand out?

Obviously we have to stay looking professional, but is there a way we can stand out? #interviews

paul’s Avatar
paul May 11, 2021 739 views

should i invest in myself at 18 or wait till i turn 21?

#investment-banking #financial-services #finance #investment-management #investing

Kayse’s Avatar
Kayse May 17, 2021 381 views

What suggestions would a freshman in college get?

#Freshman #Career-Path #university #college-bound

Marcus’s Avatar
Marcus May 17, 2021 520 views

What should I know about applying for college?


Jose’s Avatar
Jose Apr 29, 2021 561 views

How do I get a job with out experience?

I am currently searching for a job. To get prepared for when I get my bachelors degree what should I do? #job-search #job #career

Ayanna’s Avatar
Ayanna May 05, 2021 436 views

What should I expect when taking college classes

I am currently a senior about to entertain college. I would like to know how it is taking major classes. #dentist #college #double-major

jaden’s Avatar
jaden May 17, 2021 308 views

What was your 1st year in college like?

I'm in high school i will be graduating this year #high-school-classes #high-school-classes #career-choice

tyler’s Avatar
tyler Jan 25, 2021 262 views

How do I get a job as a cashier?

I am working at new endeavors transition and I would like to know what do I need to know as a cashier and how do I apply for it? # #job

Sam’s Avatar
Sam Jan 28, 2021 459 views

Is there any job training for retail associates?

#jobs #retail
I looking to know if there’s anything job training

Angela’s Avatar
Angela Jan 30, 2021 508 views

Is there any jobs available for working student?


anna’s Avatar
anna Feb 09, 2021 245 views

How can Career Village help me?


Mariam’s Avatar
Mariam Feb 04, 2021 648 views

How to find an internship?

I have to find an internship next, still didn't find a way, no one answers my demands

Marissa’s Avatar
Marissa Nov 01, 2020 300 views

What should I expect for college?

I can't wait to graduate this year and go to college! #career-path

Kailey’s Avatar
Kailey Nov 03, 2020 337 views

How long does college take for some students.

I'm funny, nice, I think about others and I get a lot of insperations from a lot of things. #school