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Program and Project Management
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Bellevue, Washington
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Emma Jul 30, 2020 1061 views

Networking virtually?

What are some tips for networking with potential employers when everything is online?

#JULY20 #law #covid19 #virtual #legal #july

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Emma Jul 30, 2020 944 views

Training for a job on my resume?

I was hired for a teaching position in March and I completed all the training, but then all the in-person classes were cancelled and they didn't have enough online students for me to teach online. I still technically work there and I'm waiting for classes to return to in-person. Should I...

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Cloe Sep 06, 2019 479 views

What parts are most challenging about being a psychologist?

#psychology #clinical-psychology

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Paulina Vanessa Jul 30, 2020 1756 views

What are the challenges of being an ESL teacher?

I am currently studying education and one of my certification tracks is ESL. I am highly interested in being an ESL teacher, especially because I am an international student and also had the experience of being an English Learner. However, my fear is my performance as a teacher in the future...

N’s Avatar
N Jul 26, 2020 673 views

How can one get into medical school as a single mom of 3 very young kids?

It’s a conviction of mine to become a physician but life changed the route before I could complete that journey. I have completed all but one prerequisite. I have worked in the field but not as a licensed professional. Currently I’m functioning as a single mother with three children under 7...

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Christie Mar 25, 2020 1554 views

Given the increased need to work from home, I was wondering what sort of factors should I keep in mind while finding/working in an online/virtual internship?

I'm specifically interested in finance, consulting, and non profit work

#internship #finance #consulting #nonprofit #COVID-19

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Eve Jun 24, 2020 1119 views

What career paths does Psychology take you?

I'm a college sophomore that majors in Psychology and I would like to know if I'm making the right decision. #psychology #college-major #career-choice

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Kaela Jun 24, 2020 1175 views

What skills do you frequently see hiring managers look for that you have lacked either in the past, present, or something that you somewhat lack and are looking to improve upon?

#internship #jobseeker #career #long-run #tech #medicine # #technology #radiology #writing #science #research # #biology #journalism #nuclearmedicine

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Linguere Jun 25, 2020 796 views

Hi i al interested in three domains psychology (+++++) nutrition (+++) and management (++++)

#clinical-psychology i was thinking about majoring in management and minor in psy or nutrition or majoring in nutrition and minoring in psy And i was thinking if you could pleuhelp me decide which on is more “doable” in terms of time..... money...... concentration.... #management #psychology...