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omar May 29 116 views

What can I do to become a heavy equipment operator?

The average apprenticeship program takes three to four years to complete before moving on to full-time employment as a heavy equipment operator. It should be noted that apprenticeships are an "earn as you learn" program.

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shch Nov 16, 2022 548 views

College major question

What are some prerequisite courses in college for computer science major?

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Baruch Nov 09, 2022 388 views

What safety protocols do you follow to keep yourself and your team safe?

Filler question, to be honest, but I assume most automotive careers start off uncomfortable as they take place in challenging environments, but what steps are generally taken to ensure the most comfortable experience possible?

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River Nov 05, 2022 647 views

Is the medical field a safe place for nonbinary doctors?

Is the medical field a safe place for nonbinary doctors? I know some professions can be a hostile place for LGBTQ+ people

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Monica Apr 08, 2022 781 views

Where can I find jobs in music video production, particularly on set? I am looking for an entry level job, production based. Are there any job sites or production companies in the NYC area?

I looked through showbiz jobs, entertainment careers, google jobs, and linkedin and I cant seem to find jobs related to music video production.

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Laura Apr 11, 2022 674 views

When becoming a public relations specialist, what are companies or businesses looking for?

I came across the career in public relations and it piqued my interest. I would like to know what exactly pr has to do or can do.

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Jillian Apr 11, 2022 654 views

When must I choose my set career by?

Is there a set time for when I should choose my future career? Or is it never too late?

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Jillian Apr 11, 2022 610 views

I want to choose a certain major but my parents don't agree with the one I'm choosing. What should I do?

I want to major in animal health science but my parents think business is more useful in life.

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Ashley Aug 31, 2021 420 views

How can i in prove my skills? Will i have an opportunities work with other felicities in Physical Therapist Assistant? Usually how much does it take to assist a customer in Physical Therapist Assistant

#Physical Therapist Assistant

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jesus Aug 31, 2021 451 views

How heavy is the job of an automotive technician

I plan to work on this in the future and I just want to know .
#job #career

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Christina Sep 05, 2021 583 views

What careers are available with a B.A in Public Heath?

Hello! I am currently applying for the public health major (B.A) and can’t help but wonder what career opportunities exist. As when I ask advisors they tell me PH is a broad major with so many job opportunities but never really seem to say what exactly. I’ve seen Reddit’s on PH majors who state...

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jalisa Sep 06, 2021 562 views

can a certified nurse assistant be promoted

I am hard working and pretty quick to get the job done right. #nurse #healthcare

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Jerenile Jan 10, 2021 620 views

What books will you read if you take Nursing

Anything #professional

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cuba Jan 10, 2021 363 views

so i wanna know what i can do in the production industry

so im a sporty person but like soccer
i watch a lot of movies and series cause their so interesting
i dont really like reading #boring
i like being creative though #artist

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Kaley Nov 24, 2020 641 views

How do I know when it is appropriate to ask for a raise in a science related field?

When I graduate high school I would really like to get a job as a science technician. Jobs are slim, but I'll work that out when I get there. My parents are both pretty passive, and don't really talk about work too much. How do I know when it's okay to talk to my boss about money related...