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Michael Esposito

Director, Financial Reporting
Management Occupations - Business and Financial Operations Occupations
New York, New York
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Avery Sep 05, 2023 374 views

What is one thing you wish you could tell your younger self?

It can be anything!!

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Sep 03, 2023 274 views

What is the best way to start high school?

How should you put things like advice for when you need it

Lilyana’s Avatar
Lilyana Aug 30, 2023 392 views

How do I make a resume good enough to get a job at a place like Spirit Halloween?

I applied there a few weeks ago, and im worried my resume may get overlooked..

Mahala’s Avatar
Mahala Sep 01, 2023 3123 views

Where can I sell my art?

I want to sell prints and paintings

Antonio’s Avatar
Antonio Sep 01, 2023 386 views

When you were in college and felt overwhelmed with classwork and life in general, how did you keep pushing on??

I am currently in my first year majoring in computer science. I need to make sure that I balance attention to my schoolwork and family obligations as well as having some fun. I do not want to fall behind and sometimes the stress of whats to come is overwhelming.

Shyann’s Avatar
Shyann Sep 16, 2022 606 views


I mainly see people work in retail, and that's good but just not for me. I've been thinking about if college is right for me, and it's still undecided. But when I come to a decision, if I decide to NOT go to college what to do ? A job of course, but is there anything other than retail that'll...

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Sep 21, 2022 436 views

What are some interesting subjects to study in college ?

What are some interesting subjects to study when you go to collage

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Sep 22, 2022 630 views

If I'm good at math, what careers should I look into?

Accounting, actuary, computer science, finance, economics, etc.? What about less common careers?

SAMIYAH’s Avatar
SAMIYAH Jun 20, 2021 483 views

Starting a youtube channel with little proper supplies.

id have to balance school work and editing, however starting YouTube is something I been wanted to do since I was a little kid and feel as though there's a lot of enjoyment I would receive from it. #youtube #advice #

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Sep 27, 2022 414 views

How to keep pursuing your dreams when you know they might not work out?

When you are not confident in something how do you keep pushing through

jordyn’s Avatar
jordyn Sep 26, 2022 1050 views

can I be a professional musician without college or no?

is there a way without college to be a professional musician and have my own brand? I'm in the 11th grade and thought changing to an art or music school would be good, should I wait until college?

Anya’s Avatar
Anya Sep 13, 2021 679 views

Can I be a food and beverage manager but still get time for myself and others?

I have always loved hospitality and I really want to be a food and beverage manager. My second choice is a pastry chef. In this field, is it possible to work less hours? I just want more information about this field of work. I don't want to miss out on sleep every night or miss important...

Ivana’s Avatar
Ivana Jun 16, 2021 1883 views

What are the different jobs you can have at a bank?

Hi, I'm a high school student and I've been trying to think of what I want to be when I am older. I think I want to do something relating to finance and money but I'm not sure. I would like to know more about banking specifically. Thanks!
#banking #finance #student

Somaiya’s Avatar
Somaiya Jul 01, 2021 1482 views

Financial advice for current 18 year olds. How should we begin to accrue our wealth?

Hello, I am turning 18 this year and I am thinking of ways to be more financially independent. Moreso what steps I should be taking at this age to build and compound my wealth for the future. Let me know! #finance #money

Jeremiah’s Avatar
Jeremiah Sep 13, 2021 660 views

What is the best way to get through stress?

I like to watch anime, play basketball and videogames, as well as sing. #greatness