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lize Nov 16, 2021 524 views

1. What is a day in the life of a software developer of websites and/or application like exactly? 2. What kind of benefits does your job give you? 3. What are three thing that I should know about getting into this career? 4. Do you have any side hobbies that you fund with your career?

I'm looking into becoming a software developer for applications and would love to know more about what this job entails from someone who actually does this every day and may or may not like it. I'm open to all opinions and suggestions! Thank you, in advance, for your time in answering my...

malcolm’s Avatar
malcolm Nov 22, 2021 285 views

What are good companies for game designing that i should look up on?

I want to prepare for my future and know what type of game designing companies i should keep an eye on #video-game-design

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mecayla Nov 23, 2021 262 views

how you like your job?

my name is mecayla im in job corps #career

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Aliyah Dec 09, 2021 464 views

Is working as a computer operator a stressful job?


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Oscar Nov 30, 2021 364 views

how to get a lot of money

#college #graduate-school #finance

Stéphanie ’s Avatar
Stéphanie Oct 21, 2015 1629 views

Is age a factor for hiring entry level computer engineers?

I am in my mid thirties with a Bachelor's degree in computer engineering but no professional experience. After graduation I worked in other fields just to gain a living. I am looking for a job as programmer, but my age and lack of hands on experience seem to block me. I had couple of...

Colin’s Avatar
Colin Oct 21, 2016 1144 views

What made you want to do CS?

I am a high school senior who has just started to learn the Java language. I"m curious as to what made professionals want to learn Computer Science? #computer-science #computer #japan #java #python #cs

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Feb 18, 2018 938 views

Job for self-taught junior java developer?

What is the best way for a self-taught Java developer without degree in computer science to get hands on the real project to gain experience?

Engoron’s Avatar
Engoron Oct 31, 2021 527 views

What are great projects/activites that a high school student could invest in to illustrate their passion for computer science?

#college #student #comp #computer-science #college-admissions #computer-programming

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David Dec 09, 2021 528 views

Do you enjoy the career that you are working?

#engineering #work What exactly do you do when you are working? & do you work with people or alone?

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Aiden Dec 09, 2021 475 views

How long could I be in debt after college?

College is extremely expensive and there's no way I can't be in debt.
#college #money #financial-planning

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Aleeciah Dec 09, 2021 1061 views

Do your middle school grades count for future jobs or highschools/colleges?

I failed completely last year during online school (it wasnt my kind of thing) but this year ive had all b's and c's, would last years grades affect anything in my future? #future # #college #college-advice