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I want to learn more about being an optometrist because I'm interested in how the eyes work.



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Anna Oct 31, 2022 449 views

What can I do with a major in sustainability studies?

I am considering the possibilities of taking on green jobs (i.e. geen product marketer). How would taking the courses within my major requirements help me in the long-term? Are there recommended minors that would go well with this major. Or, would I be better off with a minor in sustainability...

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Anna Jun 27, 2022 887 views

How should I ask for a shadowing opportunity?

So far, I've been making calls to a few optometry centers to ask for a shadowing opportunity. One of the receptionists told me to show up in person. I gave him my resume without directly speaking to their optometrist, who doesn't work on that day. Would it be better to speak with their...

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Anna Jun 21, 2022 587 views

Should I spend the whole summer job shadowing for an optometrist center?

I was wondering if it's possible to shadow a doctor twice a week for the whole summer. Do most job shadowing only last for a week? How long can I shadow a doctor for?

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Anna May 26, 2022 1180 views

What do I need to do to become an optometrist?

I am a rising sophomore biology major in college and I am great with memorization. However, I struggled with time management and understanding key concepts.