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Johnnie’s Avatar
Johnnie Nov 09, 2022 674 views

Empathy and passion. How important are they ?

Internship is an intricate part of social work and counseling and this gives one work experience in desired field. I feel the most important aspect of these fields is empathy and passion. My question is how can internship be structured to invoke these qualities so that an individual will be...

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Oct 26, 2022 613 views

What are good entry level jobs or opportunities for sound engineers and producers?

I'm a high school senior interested in studying music technology in college. I reside in California right now and am aiming to study in LA, NYC, or Nashville. I'm also open to study abroad opportunities.

Aidan’s Avatar
Aidan Nov 08, 2022 614 views

What can I expect from a welding career?

To anyone in the welding field who has chosen this field may I know a blessing or horror story? I want to know what I'm walking into.

Reed’s Avatar
Reed Nov 09, 2022 528 views

Starting In mechanics?

How would I start a career in mechanics at a young age?

Cody’s Avatar
Cody Nov 08, 2022 447 views

How can I get computer experience earlier for computer science/Graphic design?

What can I do to be able to get computer science/Graphic design experience earlier because most jobs that I have seen for these fields require at least 6 years of computer experience