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Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn Aug 20, 2023 3867 views

What AP classes should I take if I want to work in the medical field?

Hi, I'm a ninth-grade student wanting to work in medicine. I am wondering if any AP courses are related to the medical field and if they would increase the chance of getting into a good college.

Hayden’s Avatar
Hayden Aug 22, 2023 256 views

How do I prepare for college ?

How can I start preparing for law school in high school

Ryder’s Avatar
Ryder Mar 22, 2019 569 views

Do all chemical companies offer job site training after attending a college for process technology?

My brother works for DOW Chemical ad after he was hired he went through a little bit of training and i was just curios if all chemical plants offered it.
#chemistry #dow #chemical #chemical-plants #science

Kendrick’s Avatar
Kendrick Aug 04, 2023 303 views

Just searching tips,can you help me?

When you were a teenager and wanted to start making money,getting prepared for the real world,finding jobs,looking at schools were there any tips you wish that you had known?Like anything to avoid a bunch unnecessary work just wandering.

Neil’s Avatar
Neil Aug 21, 2023 422 views

Question about exposure in the field of biomedical engineering

Hi! I am a sophomore at Poolesville High School (magnet school) who is interested in a biomedical career path (still not certain). I was wondering how I can get more exposure in the field--in terms of lab work, research, hands on work, etc.?

adrienne’s Avatar
adrienne Aug 22, 2023 540 views

What is the best course of action when I figure out that I don't want to do R&D as a 4th year STEM major?

I have been doing undergraduate research all summer and this job is too unorganized and too isolated for me to feel satisfied. I am a material science & engineering major with a passion for doing something good in the world but I don't know how I want to do that good.

McKenna’s Avatar
McKenna Aug 22, 2023 595 views

When did you learn this career was right for you ?

I am a rising senior and struggling to decide what career path/ major is right for me.

Kaylan’s Avatar
Kaylan Apr 20, 2023 468 views

What career paths can I follow with an environmental engineering degree?

I want to get an idea of what I might be doing in the future and base some of my classes on the careers I am interested in.

Maryuri’s Avatar
Maryuri Apr 18, 2023 465 views

What steps I'm supposed to follow to become a cardio thoracic surgeon? Is it too hard?

I'm interested in cardio thoracic surgery, but I'm not sure if it's for me because I'm also interested in dentistry (I already asked a question about it too) and I want to be sure I want this for me.