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Caroline’s Avatar
Caroline Jul 05, 2023 482 views

What is a good question to ask at an interview?

As an example, for a retail store, coffee shop, receptionist etc.

Remi’s Avatar
Remi Jul 06, 2023 328 views

How many schools should I apply to?

How many dream schools and how many safety schools?

Bee’s Avatar
Bee Jul 06, 2023 257 views

What colleges would you recomend?

How and what college to get into

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Jul 06, 2023 230 views

What do collages look for on your application?

Currently, I am interested in understanding the key factors that colleges prioritize when evaluating applications. Specifically, I would like to gain insights into which academic courses, extracurricular activities, and club involvements are considered significant. I believe it is important to...

Bryanna’s Avatar
Bryanna Jul 04, 2023 128 views

How to be successful as a college freshman?

What are some tips for a college freshmen?

Zahra’s Avatar
Zahra Jul 05, 2023 320 views

How do you find your dream career?

I am going to be a senior and I want to know how to find a career that I won't regret 5-10 years down the line.

Edit: Thank you to everyone that has given their advice. I really appreciate it. Your answers have helped me not to stress over it as much. :)

Rheannon’s Avatar
Rheannon Jul 05, 2023 229 views

How am I supposed to know what college would be best for my interests?

After some research on my options for nearby education, nothing seems to have exactly what I want. Maybe I'm not searching well enough, but I dunno.

jojn’s Avatar
jojn Jul 06, 2023 280 views

how do i know when to get a job?

how do i know when i'm ready to get a job because i really want to work but idk when i'm ready for it

n’s Avatar
n Jul 06, 2023 323 views

How do i get into a top college?

I want to know what extracirriculars i can do to get into a top college

Maxine’s Avatar
Maxine Jun 26, 2023 268 views

How do I find the perfect college?

If you’re trying to find the perfect college to go to once you graduate and are going to a bunch of them to try and find one, how do you officially know you want to go to one/how do you know it’ll be right for you?

Bekka’s Avatar
Bekka Jun 25, 2023 350 views

What should I do after I’m done with high school ?

I’m interested in learning about the medical field or welding.

Destinee’s Avatar
Destinee Jun 23, 2023 201 views

How do I get a job to hire me? What should I do better?

I’m 17 and I been looking a lot for a job. I put myself out there, but no job look at my application. What should I do?

Dayana’s Avatar
Dayana Jun 24, 2023 248 views

How to become sure and stable with a career choice?

I am torn when it comes to what I want to choose career wise. I am going to a collegiate high school and I should choose now what to major in.

Biniam’s Avatar
Biniam Jun 24, 2023 215 views

How can I reach my goals or choose a way?

Trouble making a choice. And feel like time is running from me

Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden Jun 25, 2023 248 views

Is there any job that I can quickly apply to and work during this summer?

I didn't plan that well on finding and applying for a job this summer, and I feel like doing so is an important part of a college app. What can I do?