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Elizabeth Jul 16, 2023 598 views

How do I know what I should go to college for?

I want to go to college but I don't know what to major in.

TANIA’s Avatar
TANIA Jul 05, 2023 437 views

Why does art in so many different ways?

I'm in 8th grade and I love art class and math . I love to sketch faces and bodies.

Harley’s Avatar
Harley Jul 10, 2023 883 views

What major should you NOT go to college for?

Hello! As a college student in the middle of my career, I wanted to submit a question. What majors should students NOT go to college to study for? If you do list any majors: What do you recommend students do (instead) to pursue their career goals? I hope this question could help future...

Charlie’s Avatar
Charlie Jul 13, 2023 297 views

Does going to different high schools alter your life and choices?

From what I heard UK is much more acedemic heavy than the USA, which prefers extracurriculars. Is that really relevant or helpful for what the Universities are looking.

Kailey’s Avatar
Kailey Jul 13, 2023 318 views

What type of job should I get if it’s my first time?

I’m in grade 12.

Princess’s Avatar
Princess Jul 12, 2023 241 views

Why is it so hard for teenagers to make money fast at the age of 13?

100 dollars
Credit cards
500 dollars
Online deals

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Eric Jul 13, 2023 2827 views

What courses should I take in high school should I take if I want to start a career in forensic science?

i want to do something in forensics and i want to know which courses i should take for that specific field. also im in 8th grade so im asking this before i have to actually pick

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Emmanuel Jul 13, 2023 350 views

What steps should I take for getting into the college I want

10 grader
Interests are sports like basketball, bowling, baseball,soccer, football
Favorite class is engineering