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Nithilan’s Avatar
Nithilan Mar 29 361 views

How do I find internships for computer science and premed?

I want to find ways to be an experienced doctor or computer science and I haven't completely decided which field I am going to choose.

zachery’s Avatar
zachery Mar 28 550 views

how to know about a technology career?

i would like to know about the universities that offer this career and the courses that can be taken

joseph’s Avatar
joseph Mar 25 465 views

I want help learning about my cureers and which would best fit me so I don't choose the wrong one.?

learning more about it. so I can be able to figure out what I will enjoy doing and will not get tired of doing so I can be able to have a passion for doing it.

Janiyah’s Avatar
Janiyah Mar 24 548 views

Are there any tech companies hiring part time or internships for high school students??

Im about to complete my ISC2 CC Cybersecurity Certification and i need help finding a summer internship or a part time job. If anyone can help me i would greatly appreciate it.

corbin’s Avatar
corbin Mar 22 261 views

Is better to go for a high-end college and do alright or go for an alright college and do great?

Depending on the ACT and SAT scores, I don't know if I would go to one with a higher score than average or not.

Krystal’s Avatar
Krystal Mar 22 505 views

what are the best ways to get a head start in writing?

i know a lot of people struggle to get themselves on their feet -- what are your best suggestions for getting a headstart on your writing career?

Risper’s Avatar
Risper Mar 17 432 views

What can i do to be disciplined ?

How to achieve my goals

JONAH’s Avatar
JONAH Mar 17 285 views

Do school districts take into account the college I attend when considering me for a teaching position?

I go to the top school for teaching in my state, but it's closing soon. I need to transfer and I'm wondering if I should look for a new school.

courtney’s Avatar
courtney Feb 25 325 views

Is it really worth it to stress over college or live my life?

what's the reason to go to college i feel like i should just enjoy my life but you literally need money to live

Parth Rasu’s Avatar
Parth Rasu Feb 24 876 views

In such current scenarios what would be the right way to go about landing a full time opportunity in software industry given that I am no previous full time work experience?

Guidance, career path

roxann’s Avatar
roxann Sep 05, 2023 368 views

should i be looking for a job right now?

i'm 15 and in 10th grade and i'm unsure if i should get a job. i want money for myself to spend , but i don't want to have a lot of stress on me with school and a job.

Yarilis’s Avatar
Yarilis Aug 17, 2023 918 views

How will I know which college is right for me?

I am a junior but I have to start thinking about this and there’s so many out there I don’t know which ones are right for me and my future.

Saskia’s Avatar
Saskia Aug 06, 2023 439 views

How do you know what profession will suit you?

I'm sure the last thing anyone would want is to be stuck with a job that they hate for the rest of their life.