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Bella Feb 15 227 views

How easy is it to find jobs in safety science?

Have thought about pursuing this feild.

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Ari Mar 20 380 views

Is studying to become a neurosurgeon worth it?

I am in g12, i have wanted to study neuroscience my whole life ,but idk if i can handle 15 years of studying . I like biology and find the brain fascinating, but I’m having doubts now.

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Kali Jan 24 1189 views

What are the pros and cons of forensic science and forensic anthropology?

Recently I've been running back and forth between forensic anthropology and forensic science. I understand the two are similar but I think that's why I'm having an issue deciding in the first place! I want to be able to compare the two to get a solid idea of what I may be working with in the future.

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Aya Jan 24 475 views

What can I do with an ecology major and geographic information system minor?

I recently applied to college as an ecology major and GIS minor. I'm not too familiar with GIS but I was wondering what sort of careers would utilize it in the ecology field.

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CareerVillage Office Hours Feb 22 539 views

Looking for scholarships for biology or nurse pa?

Note: this question was asked anonymously by a student

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CareerVillage Office Hours Feb 28 393 views

I’m thinking about applying to USC as either a pre-health biology major or a pre-health marine biology major. I want to attend vet school in the near future and wanted to know which one would be best to do or if I should major in something else that would set me up for success in vet school.

I also wanted to know what the job options would be if I didn’t get accepted into vet school if I did major in one of these.

Note: this question was asked anonymously by a learner

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Kessa Mar 12 246 views

What company is best to work for with a water/waste trade?

I'm interested in water/waste jobs

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Jack Feb 05 499 views

How would I go about becoming a veterinarian ?

I'm 16. I'll be graduating highschool in 2025 when I'm 17. I'd like to study veterinary science and eventually become a veterinarian. I don't know where to start though. What courses should I take? Were should I go to study? Should I settle for a vet tech? Should I pursue something else? I have...