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Mounia Feb 10, 2017 1240 views

How do I stay motivated to do coursework for uninteresting classes?

This term I am taking two classes that haven't provided me with much of an intellectual challenge. As a result, I am having a hard time staying motivated in my classes, as I am not obtaining knowledge that I do not already have. #college #undergraduate #time-management #classes #studies...

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Mounia Feb 09, 2017 1505 views

What are the best ways to network?

I'm wondering what are the most effective methods of networking? Is volunteering the best or are informational interviews with professionals in my field of choice? I want to gain a network before applying for grad school and find a mentor. #graduate-school #volunteering #networking #mentoring...

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Mounia Feb 09, 2017 845 views

What are entry level positions for students who wish to become counselors or social workers?

I am an undergrad and am wondering what jobs I should seek out after getting my degree. #career-choice #career-path #job-search #entry-level

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Mounia Feb 09, 2017 1019 views

How vital is it to participate in student organizations in college?

I am a undergrad and I am interested in joining student clubs and organizations. I am also wondering how joining student clubs and organizations can be beneficial to my career in the long run? #college #career-counseling #career-paths #networking #student-affairs

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Mounia Feb 08, 2017 1839 views

What is the best path to become a counselor if I am obtaining my Bachelor of Social Science?

I am currently in school to obtain my Bachelor of Social Science. I am wondering if it is possible to become a Licensed Professional Counselor with a degree that isn't in Psychology or Sociology or should I consider changing my degree? #psychology #career-counseling #career-path #counseling...