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Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Mar 15, 2017 666 views

Do you have suggestion to second-year student?

Now i am participating much volunteering, is it useful?...


Tiffany K.’s Avatar
Tiffany K. Jan 25, 2018 463 views

What website or source is the best way to find a summer internship or part time job?

If you have little to no experience that is related to the field you want to work in, it is difficult to find a job that will help your career path. summerjob internship...


Patrick L.’s Avatar
Patrick L. Apr 26, 2018 489 views

How much weight should students place on the geographic location of their school?

Over the past five years many industries (tech in particular) seems to have concentrated in a few places around the country. In particular, New York, Silicon Valley, Texas, and Seattle. How large of an advantage is it to go to school at a university that is located in one of these places?...

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