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Brownville, Maine

Within 40 mile radius
Vanessa’s Avatar
Vanessa Nov 16, 2023 370 views

Which schools are best for art?

Which art schools are best for the East coast? I wanna become a tattoo artist after highschool.

Vanessa’s Avatar
Vanessa Sep 25, 2023 292 views

What happens when you don't know what college to go to?

I wanna go to art school when I'm older, but I don't know where to go because I also don't have much for a budget.

Reighan’s Avatar
Reighan Dec 12, 2022 695 views

Looking for recommended electrical trade apprenticeship opportunities in Maine, USA

I've heard joining in the union was a great opportunity, but unfortunately i don't know any contractors in the union personally or how to get in as an apprentice or helper? Im already doing training at jobcorps in the HBI program, just need to find some work for when I graduate (expected mid to...

Reighan’s Avatar
Reighan Nov 19, 2022 823 views

Resume for Electrical Apprenticeship

How would I format a resume for an electrical apprenticeship? What will the foreman/hiring manager be looking for and how much time do they spend processing through candidates (like how long should it be so I can make a good impression)?

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Jun 06, 2022 544 views

What would I have to do to become a Professional Car Photographer

I have always wanted to become a Professional Photographer.

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Feb 28, 2022 362 views

How do i start my own small engine repair shop.

I love working with small engines. #smallengines

Jeffrey’s Avatar
Jeffrey Sep 14, 2021 1354 views

How difficult is it to pursue a career in Marine Biology?

#marinebiology #biology #career

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Aug 13, 2021 586 views

What would be the correct foot wear would be for mechanic work

I am going to be going into auto mechanic work soon #human-resources

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Aug 13, 2021 400 views

How do i start my own small engine repair shop

I love working with my hands and small engines are on of my favorite things to work on. #smallengines

Jesse’s Avatar
Jesse Jul 28, 2021 453 views

whats something i need to work with as a future journeyman?

im starting school and im confident in my ability to do a lot of electrical stuff. i just need to know what to constantly work so i may improve. #electrical-engineering

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Jul 28, 2021 616 views

How do i start my small engine shop

I want to start my own little small engine repair shop #smallengine #engine #repair #mechanic #small-business

Reighan’s Avatar
Reighan Jun 24, 2021 571 views

Looking into the fields of electricians, electrical engineers, and/or teachers (wanting to teach mathematics, so any math teachers of any kind are more then welcome)...feel free to message me.

My first name is said like president Reagan but spelled differently. I'm a graduate from during the 2020 pandemic. I'm a black female who also has mild autism, and I'm also Muslim in the Islamic faith (I honestly hope there is very little discrimination but just in case I'm putting honest facts...

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Jun 15, 2021 602 views

Where do you go for computer networking news?

I'm a student working on my CCNA certification, and something that I've learned in my research about the field is that keeping up with the latest technology and practices is important to be competitive, something I'm particularly concerned about since a bachelor's is likely not in the cards for...

Ralph’s Avatar
Ralph Mar 05, 2020 1436 views

How much education, and or training do you typically need to work in IT?

#it #education #information-technology #computer #college

Ralph’s Avatar
Ralph Mar 02, 2020 865 views

What benefits are provided working in information technology?

#technology #information-technology #tech #programmer #programming #computer

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