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Florence, South Carolina

Within 40 mile radius
meritt’s Avatar
meritt Jul 12 100 views

What is the school process for veterinary practice and is it worth it?

I plan on going to college for certifications and would like to know if it is worth going through the schooling rather then doing veterinary technician.

Shreeji’s Avatar
Shreeji Jul 05 161 views

How difficult is it to search for job in my local area and get the job?

Like is it moderately difficult to just search for a job, or does the difficulty come from getting the job itself. I just want to plan ahead and I feel like this is the question that does it.

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel May 31 247 views

How can this get me into college ?

I struggle in school and want to better can this help?

losah’s Avatar
losah Dec 15, 2022 317 views

Physical therapy

What are ways to become a physical therapist ?

Zion’s Avatar
Zion Sep 21, 2021 467 views

I wanna be a successful animator,author ,comic artist, and actor so I have what it takes?

My favorite color is red n black.
My favorite food is pizza
N Im tryna be a animator someday #communication #art #animator #animation #design

Kristofer’s Avatar
Kristofer Dec 01, 2020 303 views

How can I be sure my business will be a success?

I wan to make sure my business lasts as long as it can without too many problems accruing during it's lifetime. #success

Kristofer’s Avatar
Kristofer Dec 01, 2020 398 views

How could I be able to make my own website?

I make clay figures as a hobby. I'm usually on my laptop daily. Interested in making my own website so I can make and sell my clay figures to those that are interested in having something to put on their shelves. #Creativity

Alishia’s Avatar
Alishia Nov 30, 2020 302 views

H ow are endangered species protected?

This is something that just crossed my mind. #person

Alishia’s Avatar
Alishia Nov 30, 2020 358 views

What techniques could I use to help me improve my grammar?

I would like to better my vocabulary and how I write my sentences. #help

Alishia’s Avatar
Alishia Nov 30, 2020 320 views

How long do you have to college to be a professional vocal instructor?

I would like to know the answer to this question because i enjoy singing and I #anyone would like to help others.

Tylar’s Avatar
Tylar May 26, 2020 4142 views

Should I become a doctor or an engineer?

I am 12 years old and I dream of living in NY when I'm older but the cost of living in the city can be very expensive. Doctors get paid a lot more than engineers, but being a doctor can be time consuming and stressful. So I just want to know which choice would be better. I want to know how long...

Tylar’s Avatar
Tylar May 25, 2020 2186 views

Do Most Software Engineers enjoy their job?

#software #engineer #software-engineering #computer-software

Tylar’s Avatar
Tylar May 24, 2020 427 views

Is being a SW Engineer hard?


Tylar’s Avatar
Tylar May 22, 2020 568 views

How can I earn money during quarantine at home?

I´m 12 and I´d like to be productive with my time. #money

Tylar’s Avatar
Tylar May 21, 2020 451 views

What is the average work day of a Psychologist like?

How long do they work, and how´s the work place. Is it similar to a therapist´s job? #psychology #career #psychotherapy

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