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Florida City, Florida

Within 40 mile radius
Yuson’s Avatar
Yuson Mar 04 502 views

how do I go about with my accounting career?

where do I get jobs if I do accounting?

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Mar 02 847 views

Is there a way to get a specific job in the united states air force My recruiter told me i have to pick 10 jobas and whichever is available first is the one that i get. Is this true??

Im 19 with a 93 asvab score. im looking to become and EOD, and crypto or airborne linguist.

Anuv’s Avatar
Anuv Mar 01 444 views

How to i always stayed motivated ?

Motivation is the king

Harry’s Avatar
Harry Mar 01 454 views

How to i can achieve my goal ?

i am very much worried to make decision

Oliver’s Avatar
Oliver Feb 28 400 views

Why you are choose doctors occupation?

My dream was i wants to be a doctor.

Max’s Avatar
Max Feb 27 335 views

what is the best period for study?

also want to know how to develop?

Alister’s Avatar
Alister Feb 22 748 views

Why i should be a doctor?

i love technology

Xander’s Avatar
Xander Feb 22 392 views

what is better doctor or engineer?

i love physics

Xander’s Avatar
Xander Feb 22 532 views

what is better between doctor & engineer?

i love phyics

Rakib’s Avatar
Rakib Feb 15 718 views

How to I become doctor?

I want to be a dentist

Valentina’s Avatar
Valentina Feb 13 673 views

What got you into college?

What got you into college? What are some things that colleges like to see? If I’m a sophomore in high school, what unique thing should I do?

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Feb 13 938 views

How I develop my tech skills?


brianna’s Avatar
brianna Feb 09 892 views

Can I still get into a prestigious college without extracurriculars?

I don't do any sports or clubs, but I still want to get into a prestigious college, is that possible?

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Jan 21 850 views

What’s the best career choice to make as a teenager??


Asa’s Avatar
Asa Jan 19 949 views

How did you continue to pursue such a difficult career with everyone telling you to “have a realistic plan”?

I’m still a freshman in high school but acting is my passion and I’ve never been more sure of wanting to do something for the rest of my life so I just want to know. It might be worth noting that I’m also good at script writing which is the career my parents are trying to nudge me more towards...

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