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imani’s Avatar
imani Jun 19 260 views

does volunteering even matter on my college applications?

recently, I've signed up to volunteer at my local library, they claim it could look good on my future college applications, but do colleges really care if I volunteer anywhere? and if they do, will volunteering at the library be good?

Emmy’s Avatar
Emmy Jun 18 159 views

What are some of the best opportunities for undergraduates to explore healthcare/medical careers and careers in research?

I’m leaning toward pre-med, but I want to explore career paths of both an M.D. vs a Ph.D., and want to experience parts of both before choosing.

Irene’s Avatar
Irene May 24 157 views

As a full-time worker and parent, how feasible is it to manage the course load and clinical requirements of chiropractic school Are there any programs that offer part-time or evening classes to accommodate my schedule??

Are there specific scholarships or financial aid options available for non-traditional students like myself who might have additional financial responsibilities?

Theo’s Avatar
Theo May 13 184 views

What sort of training and education would one need to become an Oceanographer?

Im a sophomore and was wondering what this job would entail and what kind of education I would need to get this job.

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan May 02 591 views

How to start trading stocks?

I am interested in trading stocks. How do you start working for companies or wall street to trade stock?

Faith’s Avatar
Faith May 02 695 views

Do you need to go to college to be a singer?

What education do we need or, do we need any at all?

Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander May 02 497 views

Do you need expensive and good equipment to make music?

I don't have any microphones or anything to start recording.

Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander May 02 401 views

How long do I need to practice to see improvement?

I play guitar and when I get home I play for a hour and a couple of times during the day.

Javion’s Avatar
Javion May 02 431 views

How do I become successful in earning money?

Some examples lead to watching videos, having a mentor or if family member or friend or relative you can ask for advice if they have a career in the business world.

Noah’s Avatar
Noah May 02 407 views

How do i become a venture capitalist?

how do i become a venture capitalist?

Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander May 02 324 views

How can I start making music?

Advice for making music.

Amparo’s Avatar
Amparo Apr 27 185 views

Do You Guys Know Any Jobs Places That Are Hiring For People For Inventory?

The reason I'm asking that is because I'm really good at doing inventory a my jobsite and I was wondering if you guys know any job places that need hiring for inventory

Alicja’s Avatar
Alicja Apr 26 795 views

How to answer the questions “tell me about yourself” in an interview ?

I have a two interviews tomorrow for a retail store and I’ve been preparing with practice questions to make sure I’m ready to answer any question asked. Though I’ve gotten a bit stomped at the questions “tell me about yourself”. I don’t want to sound super generic and talk about schoolwork, I...

Alicja’s Avatar
Alicja Apr 26 509 views

What will help me stand out on direct-nursing admissions?

Hi, I’m currently a junior who is planning on applying to direct-nursing schools. I was wondering what would look best on my applications and help me stand out. I’m taking classes leaning towards the medical field like: medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, ap biology, and CNA. I’ve also...

Mihaela’s Avatar
Mihaela Apr 24 232 views

What is the difference between a lead radiation therapist and a regular radiation therapist? #Spring24

I was curious about career growth in this field and saw that there was a position that could advance you to a lead radiation therapist. What duties does this entail? Are there any requirements besides experience such as further education? Thank you! #Spring24

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