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Gurugram, Haryana, India

Within 40 mile radius
Khushboo’s Avatar
Khushboo May 30 457 views

I have completed my Bachelors of Science in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition from India. I got admission in MS Clinical Nutrition program in USA which is also accredited by ACEND. I plan to take the RD exam following the completion of my Masters degree. I wanna know about the job prospects after completing MS in USA and how hard it is for an Indian student to get a full time job as a RD, because I have no clue about the employment landscape in dietetics field in USA. Thanks in advance :))?

explain your situation and then ask your query

Tanishka’s Avatar
Tanishka May 23 485 views

Which profession makes more money a robotics engineering or in management ?

I am currently in my last year of engineering and am exploring my options for future. What I want to know is that weather I should do MSc in robotics or MBA in engineering management. Is it true that engineers are paid less then someone in management.

Tanishka’s Avatar
Tanishka May 22 217 views

what to do?

I am currently pursuing robotics and mechatronics engineering in india. I want to know what are the required skills for robotics engineering jobs.

Mayank’s Avatar
Mayank Apr 19 611 views

how can i switch my carrer from computational chemistry to machine -learning or ai ?

Hi, I'm a mtech 2nd year student from computational chemistry background .

Aaliya’s Avatar
Aaliya Mar 14 360 views

I wamt to ask that how do i can go ahead with forensic psychology as i want to do that and presenlty i m doing bsc in forensic science ?

I need suggestion for what to doo

Akshat’s Avatar
Akshat Mar 05 706 views

Actually I’m in class 11 and have took PCM but I want to do business in future. So i want to know that I should do BBA and MBA or should do Btech

What should I do? Pls answer fast

Mananya’s Avatar
Mananya Jan 03 1229 views

Where can I find online high school student internships for CS ?

Where can I find economically feasible internships(online) for high school students which are computer science oriented, which teach new stuff alongside helping me enhance my soft skills.

Yogita’s Avatar
Yogita Jan 03 1167 views

Career options for PCM + ECO students?

kindly suggest.....

Mananya’s Avatar
Mananya Dec 23, 2023 616 views

From where should I study for AP CSA?

As a 16 year old from India, I do not wish to take classes for this subject because they are not aligning with my school examination schedule. So are there any free resources on the web from where I can prep for this exam (like Khan academy for SAT)?

Mananya’s Avatar
Mananya Dec 22, 2023 918 views

What should I do to get into a good university for Computer Sciences?

I am a 16 year old from India and I want to pursue a career in AI and machine learning. I have taken up a course to give me some beforehand knowledge about the same, but now I wish to make projects of my interest. This might be the right time to state that I do NOT know a lot about coding in...

Yogita’s Avatar
Yogita Sep 14, 2023 317 views

Is interior designing a good career option for me when I am not good at art and creativity?

I really want to become a commercial pilot but before that I want to a get a college degree. I have mathematics , physics , chemistry and english as main subjects. Economics is my optional subject. I really don't know which degree to opt for??

Nupur’s Avatar
Nupur Sep 12, 2023 295 views

Policy anylast

So I am a first year public administration student and want to become a policy anylast I am also learning french so now, what should I do?, which skills should I develop?, how do I get intership after completing my first year? .

Piyush’s Avatar
Piyush Sep 05, 2023 311 views

What should I do? I am not able to decide should i go for abroad studies or iits?

I am a Indian student currently studying in 11th grade. I don't know if i go for US universities (I have 1 - 1.5 yrs, but my profile is too weak.) or I should go for University in my country like IITs which are top unis in my country but the selection is around 1-2%. I really wanted to study...

Monika’s Avatar
Monika Apr 03, 2023 366 views

What career I should choose? Related to technology like AI, digital marketing, graphic designing, named these because seeing these everywhere.

I want to earn money, improve my personality but I don't have any specific skill, interests or strengths. And degree is in hospitality but no knowledge.

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