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Largo, Florida

Within 40 mile radius
Serenity’s Avatar
Serenity Sep 13, 2023 344 views

Why do you need to go to school if they teach nothing useful ?

Like they teach thing that you would never really need and don’t teach the stuff we should know

Stefan’s Avatar
Stefan Sep 11, 2023 286 views

What are you expected to know going into a game development related job? And do you have any resources or tips to help me learn more about coding, game dev, VFX, and anything else i’d need to know?

I’m currently in the S.T.E.M. concentration at my school and i am also on the robotics team. While being in the concentration, i have developed a passions for coding, 3D Modeling and VFX. I am not the best at it which is why i’m coming here for advice. If there’s anything i should know, need to...

Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey Aug 27, 2023 521 views

Why should I get lots of volunteer hours throughout high school?

Everyone mentions getting amounts of volunteer hours and that they have like 30 already but I just don’t understand what I really need them for. It isn’t a graduation requirement so I’m confused.

sam’s Avatar
sam Aug 24, 2023 233 views

family and future

How will i be rich when i get older so i can take care of my family? i have to be fit, healthy, good hygiene, and how will i be a better person that cares for others

Shirley’s Avatar
Shirley Aug 14, 2023 593 views

How would I go about being a writer?

I’m looking to be a writer. What would I have to do to be a great writer? When is the best time to try and publish something?

Aleeah’s Avatar
Aleeah Aug 04, 2023 488 views

What are the first steps on going to esthetician school?

What are the first steps I need to take to go to esthetician school, what are the best schools I can look in to, how can I apply? Is it worth it?

Kylea’s Avatar
Kylea Aug 03, 2023 245 views

What is it like applying to colleges for musical theatre?

Is it a lengthy process? Is it different than applying for other majors?

Bri’s Avatar
Bri Jul 30, 2023 382 views

College prep?

How do I prepare for college? Senior year is approaching, which means college tours, meetings, and applications. I don't know where to begin with it all. I know what I want to go to school for (marine biology) but I don't know what steps to take to get me there.

Marolina’s Avatar
Marolina Jul 28, 2023 236 views

How do I save my money for medical school?

I want to be a doctor but I don’t have enough money and I rly wanna save up my money so that I’m not completely drowning in debt by the time I become a neurologist

Sadie’s Avatar
Sadie Jul 21, 2023 180 views

How is the work life balance of being a travel nurse?

Is there constant traveling, or is it overly stressful?

Im a Sophomore in high school and my teachers have been pushing my peers and I to find what careers we hope to pursue. thank you :)

Eliana’s Avatar
Eliana Jul 21, 2023 325 views

i'm trying to start my first small business and idk how?

i wanna sell stuff like coffee mugs and knitted blankets.

Chelsea’s Avatar
Chelsea Jul 20, 2023 498 views

What counts as experience?

From what I was told I have none and that experience is only gained by working a professional job is this true? If not what are some ways I may have already gained experience?

Chelsea’s Avatar
Chelsea Jul 20, 2023 475 views

How to find a job with no experience at 14 years old?

I'm 14 and searching online my mother and I cannot find anywhere hiring under the age of 15. My options are limited as I would have to work part time due to school starting again. I am willing to work on weekends as well. The only experience I have is watching my siblings and sometimes my...

SHARI’s Avatar
SHARI Jul 19, 2023 587 views

Are there other jobs besides working a 9-5 that pay enough for me to sustain myself??

i dont want to work for the rest of life and i think ill miss summers.

SHARI’s Avatar
SHARI Jul 19, 2023 672 views

Should i go to college after highschool or start working?

should i start working or go to college? Does college actually help?

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