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mathew’s Avatar
mathew Apr 13 419 views

what steps should i be taken to work toward becoming am engineer?

electrical and electronics

betty’s Avatar
betty Apr 12 351 views

what is the best engineering course?

career tips

bernice’s Avatar
bernice Apr 12 363 views

whaTi is the best architectue ?

art tips in careery

Adekunle’s Avatar
Adekunle Apr 12 310 views

What should i consider when choosing career?

Career in life as a prerequisite stage

Eve’s Avatar
Eve Apr 11 241 views

What is career coaching ?

I would like to know more about career coaching opportunities that may be helpful to me in future and what skills sets I need to fit in the said topic.

Vivian’s Avatar
Vivian Apr 08 691 views

How do I identify the best career path to follow ?

How do I identify the best career path to follow? In business? Or art?
Am Vivia in 12th grade.
It seems overwhelming to me..and I am having a hard time deciding.

Clement’s Avatar
Clement Apr 05 297 views

What is accountant ?

Accountant business is very profitable and super cool

hope’s Avatar
hope Apr 04 487 views

how is the best collge to attend?

college tips

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Apr 02 350 views

What are some emerging fields or industries that might be good to consider for future careers?

If you love nature and want to protect the environment, a career in renewable energy could be perfect for you! Start by learning about solar panels or wind turbines, and maybe even build your own mini solar-powered car or windmill. Is that so?

jecinta’s Avatar
jecinta Mar 31 484 views

what is the best career in our city?

business tips

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Mar 29 385 views

How can you get a good job ?

How can I get a part time job at the age 17?

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Mar 28 279 views

what is the best youtube or udemey ?

what is the best youtube or udemey ?

jaqlin’s Avatar
jaqlin Mar 28 447 views

what is the best career for me in collge so that?

career tips

Andy’s Avatar
Andy Mar 27 406 views

How can being a docter hard?

How can being a docter hard?

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Mar 27 531 views

How do I boost my resume?

How do I boost my resume as a person who does not have a lot of experience so that employers will hire me? What are the best tips to improve in this area?

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