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Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina

Within 40 mile radius
shamar’s Avatar
shamar Nov 30, 2021 307 views

How can controlling my anger benefit me?

i have serious anger issues and i want to calm it down and control it but its so hard to. #anger #Mental-health #Disability #Personal-development

Uniququa’s Avatar
Uniququa Aug 24, 2018 521 views

How do get sociable on Campus?

Getting the President and student government to know w. #student #student-development

Timaree’s Avatar
Timaree Apr 25 206 views

What can I do to get internships at places for business

What can I try to look for or how do I find out what places have internships

Jalen’s Avatar
Jalen Nov 30, 2021 282 views

How do I stay focused on completing work in a short amount of time?

I tend to lose focus on work that take a lot of steps to complete or find evidence for. I can be easily distracted and I type and write slower than average. Is there any way for me to help finish quickly while getting a good grade on my work? #help

Jaidyn’s Avatar
Jaidyn Aug 31, 2017 812 views

Is it ok to not be certain on the major you want to study for in college?

I have multiple majors that I am interested in but I do not know which one is the right option for me. #decidingmajor #undecided #career-counseling #college-major

Randal Tyrese’s Avatar
Randal Tyrese Oct 20, 2016 1033 views

What are colleges or universities have great engineering programs?

I want to make sure that I am applying to the right colleges and to ensure that they have the best engineering programs available. #engineering #mechanical-engineering #civil-engineering

Uniququa’s Avatar
Uniququa Aug 24, 2018 516 views

How do I get a job on campus?

Like a work -study or a job that understands my schedule but still gives me hours and good pay
#job #jobs

Zachary’s Avatar
Zachary Sep 27, 2017 574 views

How can I become a better?

I love to run a lot and run every single day for track, cross country, and just to run. I want to make my time better for qualifying for events and just to accomplish a huge goal I have currently. What is something I can do every day to get better? #running #sports #fitness-training

Reid’s Avatar
Reid Sep 28, 2017 1205 views

How do I become a sports statistician?

My dream is to combine sports and math and this seems to be the occupation I feel I would enjoy most. I want to ensure that I will take the proper steps to get there.
#sports #math #sportsstatistician #statistician

GABRIELLE Apr 29, 2018 424 views

What college degree or career path do I need to take to become computer animator?

This is my ultimate career goal but I not sure of the best school path to follow. I want to have a professional certification so that it will be recognized by any potential employer. I want to fulfill this goal by going to a four year college. #computer-animation

Claire’s Avatar
Claire Sep 01, 2017 737 views

What is a day in the life of a pediatric oncologist like?

I'm interested in pediatric oncology but am worried that I am not fit for this type of emotional job #medicine #pediatric-oncology #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care #oncology #pediatrics

WESTRY’s Avatar
WESTRY Apr 29, 2018 582 views

I need to know which classes can assist me in as a History Ed Major.

I am transferring from a community college to a four year college. I have completed an Associates Degree so I have my general education prerequisites completed. Upon transferring to a four year college next year, I am not able to transfer into the History Education Department until I take one...

WESTRY’s Avatar
WESTRY Apr 29, 2018 525 views

What is the process of qualifying to teach subjects based on the Praxis Exam?

I was told by a fellow student that if I took the Praxis Exam in an area unrelated to my major, which is History Education, that I could be qualified in that area also. I am asking this because I was wondering if I could take the math portion of the test as well. If I then passed the math...

GABRIELLE Apr 29, 2018 354 views

What kind of jobs can a person with a New Media Design major be qualified to do?

I am interested in computers and art. I like art and designing things with the use of computers. I was told that I should major in New Media Design. I have never heard of this major before so I am unsure of what kind of jobs that it would qualify me for. I am also unsure of how I could...

Cody’s Avatar
Cody Jan 24, 2018 1752 views

How competitive is the job market as an English teacher in Japan?

It has always been my dream to move to Japan and as I am going to college my plan is to live there as an English teacher. #japanese #teaching #english #teacher #education

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny Jan 16, 2018 789 views

Do you have to know things about websites if you want to be a graphic designer?

I don't really understand and like learning things about websites if it doesn't have to do anything with graphic design. Learning about websites should be learned if you want to be a web designer and not a graphic designer. #websites #graphic-design #design #information-technology-and-services

Cody’s Avatar
Cody Jan 24, 2018 374 views

What program of study and classes would benefit me most as a teacher in Japan?

My dream has always been to move to Japan. My plan to achieve this is to become an English teacher in a Japanese school. #japanese #teaching

shaqueria’s Avatar
shaqueria Nov 13, 2017 671 views

How long does it take to become a nurse? and what are the requirements?

because once i get done with school . I want to become a nurse
#nursing #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare #nurse

Karina’s Avatar
Karina Aug 31, 2017 499 views

What advice would you give a student in high school who wants to pursue a career in nursing?

I am a Senior at High School and I want to become an RN and need some helpful advice in order to pursue this career. #nursing #college

Claire’s Avatar
Claire Sep 01, 2017 662 views

What does it take to become an ER nurse?

I am interested in possibly becoming an er nurse but am curious if it involves more or less schooling than an RN #nurse #emergency-medicine #nursing #hospital-and-health-care

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny Jan 16, 2018 360 views

What is the difference between a Bachelors Degree of Arts and a Bachelors Degree of Science

I am a high junior who wants to get a bachelors degree in graphic design. Different colleges offer bachelors in graphic design but either bachelors in arts or science. I would love to know the difference, so I can go from their. Thank You! #graphic-design

Tiffany’s Avatar
Tiffany Nov 01, 2016 746 views

Will Living in a Rural Community Decrease Chances for Success?

I live in a very rural community. Some people have said that they couldn't go to certain schools and colleges because people looked down on the school I went to. Others said that since my school has a lack of teachers and some of our classes are online, colleges don't like that either. However,...

Emon’s Avatar
Emon May 05, 2016 746 views

I want to be a pharmacologist. Would I need to be a pharmacist first?

Pharmacology and pharmacy obviously go hand-in-hand, but to become a pharmacologist, do I need a regular pharmaceutical degree before I can be accepted into the Pharm D. programs? #pharmacy #pharmacist

Randal Tyrese’s Avatar
Randal Tyrese Oct 19, 2016 2383 views

What is the best Engineering field to go into?

I want to major in Engineering but I am on the fence about what concentration/field that I should go into.

Tiffany’s Avatar
Tiffany Oct 31, 2016 1768 views

What do "Universal Studies" Consist of in a List of Majors?

I've applied to a few colleges and universities that offer Universal Studies as one of their major topics! When speaking to a professor from ECU, he told me that Universal Studies holds a group of many different topics- one of them being forensic science, which is what I want to major in....

Keilah’s Avatar
Keilah Oct 31, 2016 641 views

What challenges do you have to go through in Veterinary Medicine?

I want to go into veterinary medicine and want to know some of the challenges I'd be facing. #veterinary #veterinary-medicine #veterinary-technician #pre-vet

Tiffany’s Avatar
Tiffany Oct 31, 2016 752 views

To Become a Forensic Pathologist, do I Need to Have Lots of Medical Experience Beforehand?

I have been wanting to be a forensic pathologist ever since I entered the 6th grade. I understand that I need eight years of schooling and about 3-5 years doing residential work. However, does that mean work as a doctor for 3 to 5 years then finally become a forensic pathologist? That has...

Emon’s Avatar
Emon May 05, 2016 530 views

What distinguishes bio-medical engineering from bio-medical technology?

I've been considering becoming a bio-medical engineer in my near future, but there's also the option of becoming a bio-medical technologist. Is there a major difference I should take into account? #biomedical-engineering

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