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Tracy, California

Within 40 mile radius
Parsa’s Avatar
Parsa 2 days ago 234 views

How to get into NYU?

I absolutely love NYU and want to major in marketing.

Ernan’s Avatar
Ernan Apr 08 252 views

Is it a difficult job to do in welding?

Is it hard to put things together?

Ernan’s Avatar
Ernan Apr 08 196 views

is it more hands on or book work in welding ?

like is it a lot of reading?

Ernan’s Avatar
Ernan Apr 08 183 views

how long did it take you to complete welding?

how many year or months did it take

eligh’s Avatar
eligh Apr 08 208 views

how do I become a train conductor?

how do i become a train cunductor

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Apr 08 237 views

Where to get more certifications to get more money as a LPN?

Where to get more certifications to get more money as a LPN?

Jana’s Avatar
Jana Apr 08 124 views

How do I become a conductor?

I would like to know the next of becoming a train conductor.

Jana’s Avatar
Jana Apr 08 291 views

What do you learn in TCU?

I want to know more about TCU or the Transportation Communications Union.

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Apr 04 225 views

What route after 4-year University do I have to take to become a probation officer ?

After graduating High School I'm majoring in criminology to then figure out what I have to do to get my master.

Jana’s Avatar
Jana Apr 01 194 views

What skills will I learn in Culinary? What tools should I be familiar with?

I would like to enter the Culinary field and know what skills and tools I should learn and be familiar with.

Jana’s Avatar
Jana Apr 01 247 views

What does a typical day look like in Culinary ?

What hours should I expect to working in this field?

Tina’s Avatar
Tina Mar 29 233 views

How do I gain more attention for my music?

I'm planning to become a music producer, and I would like to know some ways I can promote my music out there and potentially network with other artists.

Dulce’s Avatar
Dulce Mar 28 212 views

What are the first steps to becoming a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer in California?

I'm a 17 year old senior in high school interested in being a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and attending a college that offers this major. I'm still not entirely sure what the first steps are to become one and would like to know more.

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Mar 26 444 views

What can you do with a associates and bachelors in business administration?

Job options/opportunities

Cristian’s Avatar
Cristian Mar 26 248 views

How can I learn more things?

I want to know where to go and get more information about this

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