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There are a large number of careers in the field of Medicine. Some of the most popular include Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist, Optician, and much more. To learn more about these...

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what are the chances of getting a job as an OBGYN right after finishing school?

I am a sophomore wanting to know more about becoming an OBGYN #doctor #medicine #healthcare...


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what is the day to day experience for a OBGYN?

I am a sophomore wanting to learn more about what a OBGYN does everyday #doctor #medicine #healthcare...


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What is it like to deliver a baby?

I am a sophomore who is interested in learning more about an OBGYN`s job #doctor #medicine #healthcare...


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What does an OBGYN do while in residency?

I am a sophomore who is interested in learning more about the steps leading up into becoming an OBGYN. #doctor #medicine #healthcare #residency...


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What are the steps that I need to take in order to become an OBGYN?

I am a sophomore who is interested in becoming an OBGYN. #doctor #medicine #healthcare #education...


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what steps do you have to become to be a surgen?

I been watching a show call grey anatomy and i see the process of what they do when their in the room but how long do you have to be on internships for and how much will you make? What is it like to be working in a room? #medicine #healthcare #surgery...


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Paid for doing research?

Do doctors get paid for doing research?...


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In the career of a international peditrian, what is the day to day life of a professional in this field?

As a child I have had a fond desire in helping children in developing nations either with the huge epidemic with HIV/AIDS or other infectious diseases that run ramped in the adolescent communities of these nations. With wanting to peruse this career, I realized my ideal career path is to be a...

#international #career-paths #medicine

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What is the day-to-day experience of someone working in education?

I already know the basics about teaching a class and grading paper, but would like to know more. I am also hoping to hear from a principal, since that is my probable career choice, but would appreciate any information from anyone in education. #medicine #teaching #school #experience...


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What's daily life as a pediatrician like?

I like working with kids and I'm interested in what gets kids sick and what cures them. I want to be a pediatrician. I am interested in learning about what symptoms are for what sicknesses and what medicines can cure it. It would be helpful if some pediatricians could share what daily life is...

#healthcare #doctor #medicine #pediatrician

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Doctor Experiences

What is the best and worst part of being a medical practitioner?...


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Is it possible to pursue two careers at the same time?

I want to pursue a career both as a medical internist and a classical pianist. I am a classical trained and an experienced performing pianist, who has huge interests in aiding those who face adversity with their health. #medicine #science #music #career-choice...


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Was it hard to become a pediatrician/doctor?

My name is Kimberlie Buckley and I am a 9th grade high school student. I am very interested in becoming a doctor ,but I mostly would like to become a pediatrician because I enjoy working with children. #doctor #medicine #healthcare...


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How many years do i have to do in college in order to become a Sonogram Technician ?

Im a 16 year old girl in my junior year of high school wants to become a Sonogram Technician. I always wanted to deal with a job in the medical field and i finally found a Career that i'm interested in. I want to know what Colleges has good programs for this career and also how many years would...

#technician #doctor #sonogram #medicine

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What different medical fields can i get into with treating injuries

I am in 11th grade and i would like to know how to get in the medically field, and would like to know the difference of becoming a doctor and the different treatment #doctor...


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What is the path to becoming a Pharmacist?

i am an a eleven grader that tries to find a way to become a pharmacist and i am interested in becoming a pharmacist because i would like to know how to give people the right medicine. i have seen alot of people take medication and sometimes it wouldnt work or numb them and then they are back...

#pharmacist #medicine

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What Specialization within medicine pays the most

I want a career within the medical field but i don't know which one to choose because i'm more interested in which one pays more. Like if you were to be a psychologist or surgeon or regular doctor which one will pay more? #medicine #healthcare #health #career-choice #career-paths...

#compensation #career-options

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How much do you get paid a year if you are a neurosurgeon?

wage-nuerosurgeon Note from admin: this student is asking about annual compensation for a neurosurgeon. #medicine #healthcare #health...