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Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
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Sarah Jun 01, 2019 628 views

What do you do when you are a dentist?

Pulling Teeth #dentist

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tadiwa Jan 08, 2021 758 views

can a dentist open a dental clinic and how?

I am a 10th grade student based in Port Elizabeth. I love working with people and empowering them. I decided to study oral health because I did not want to see a single person who has insecurities about their teeth. I really wish to work with children because I love them and want them to know...

RONG’s Avatar
RONG Jul 19, 2020 818 views

How to continue study while stay with a Toddler during the Covid-19 pademic?

#COVID-19 #Childcare #selfstudy #exper #mechanical #technical #JULY20

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Patricia Jan 03, 2021 501 views

how many years does it take a to be a pediatrician

#pediatrician #career #business

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Kateri Nov 06, 2020 657 views

What would i need to get started in cosmetology and where should i go to school for it?

#makeup #cosmetology #nails #hair #business

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Amiya Apr 12, 2016 1131 views

what do you need to do to be a cosmetologist ?

-make up
-fashion #makeup #hair #nails

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Kendyl Dec 21, 2020 833 views

What are the salary ranges for veterinarians?

How much can you get a year being a veterinarian in your state? #medicine #medical #veterinarian #work #student #graduate-school #working-student

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shana Nov 07, 2020 666 views

How do you come up with new products to sell?

When I get older, I want to start a makeup business. I always see celebrity's coming up with new makeup products in about a month and it makes me wonder that it is really easy to make new shades. Then the design for product, what also comes in mind when your designing your product? #business...

Jarheia’s Avatar
Jarheia Nov 13, 2020 543 views

Who makes more money a Entrepreneur or a Technologist?

#money #entrepreneur #money-management

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Angelica Dec 16, 2020 863 views

I would really appreciate getting some advice on how to get into medical school, My dream is to become a physical therapist doctor.

I am currently a 3rd year in college and have no idea what steps to take. #doctor #physician #physical-therapy

Tristian’s Avatar
Tristian Nov 30, 2020 430 views

Would you say that you are a great doctor?

What are the qualities of a good doctor?

#doctor #surgeon

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Tiffanie Jul 29, 2016 1835 views

what is a good way to relieve your stress?

What are some ways that you relieve your stress , and how does the way you relieve your stress benefit you #stress

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Feb 18, 2015 41706 views

Could I become a dental hygienist before continuing school to become a classified dentist?

I am a sophomore in high school and I have an interest in the dentistry career. I would like to know if it is possible to become a dental hygienist after two years of college, start a career as a dental hygienist, and continue schooling to achieve a doctorate degree. How long will it...

carissa’s Avatar
carissa Jul 02, 2018 1086 views

What is it like in dental school?

What is a day in dental school like? what are some challenges or activities a student will encounter? #dentist #dental-school #dental #dental-hygienist

Anelise’s Avatar
Anelise Nov 02, 2020 480 views

What's your favorite thing to do as a dentist?

I am a high school student wanting to learn more about the dentist career field.

#dental-hygienist #dentist #high-school #student #high-school-students #dental